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OnePageRules: März News und Vorschau #3

OnePageRules zeigen Neuigkeiten und Vorschau zu neuen Modellen.

Oprnews And Previews Square Bat Dragon OprVU Bat Dragon Preview OprHEF Artilery Preview 2 OprHigh Oracle Details OprHEF Artilery Preview

March News & Previews 3

If you’re at AdeptiCon 2024 be sure to stop by our table at Chronicle’s booth 406 where we have free promotional minis to give away while supplies last!

Thank you Chronicle for hosting us!

OprAdeptiCon Banner OprAdeptiCon Pics

There are only a few days left to enter the March Painting Contest!

Oprpainting Contest Post

Contest Categories: The contest is split up into categories, each with its own submission criteria, and each contestant may pick only one category:

Legendary – Paint this month’s legendary model

Solo – Paint one single model from this month’s release

Unit – Paint a unit of 5 small or 3 large models from this month’s release.

Rules: To participate, pick one category and share a high-resolution picture in square format via the Dropbox link below (leave a margin on the sides for re-sizing). Only one picture may be submitted, and you must use your Patreon username as the file name, or the submission will be discarded!

Submissions: https://www.dropbox.com/request/McvxkohT5mJ1CmuvvLh2

Deadline: March 25th

Opr IntextHigh Oracle Details

At the top of post, you’ll see some early previews of the what we are working on for April!

The Vampiric Undead Bat Dragon descends onto the battle field ridden by a ghoul champion. It’s terrifying screeching shakes the nerves of all enemies that dare face off against it’s deadly fangs.

The High Elf Fleets High Oracle is a master of psychic energy. Extremely proficient in the skill of casting, these elf nobles rain down destructive magics onto their enemies, or use psychics to protect their squads with unnatural foresight. The Fleets Support Artillery are a back line unit that uses long range weapons to fire into the enemy force as they advance. Entrenched into position they are tough to remove and will be a constant and deadly threat.

Please remember that these are early WIP shots of the models and not the final versions of the models.

That’s it for this week, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team


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Seit 2002 im Hobby mit Mage Knight, gefolgt von Confrontation, um dann bei Warmachine/Hordes hängen zu bleiben. Aktuelle Projekte: SW Shatterpoint, SW Legion, SW Imperial Assault, Warhammer Underworlds, Aristeia, OPR und Bloodfields.

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