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Signum Games: Bloodfang Wolfenmarines

Signum Games präsentieren das Bloodfang Wolfenmarines Squad.

Signum Bloodfang 03

Meet new miniatures!
Who are these Wolfenmarines?
They are a newly emerged faction of space warriors, traversing through space in search of battle and glory. These fierce, futuristic (and fanged!) space knights strike fear into the hearts of all who face them among the stars. With their deadly weapons, fearsome look and ferocious demeanour, the Wolfenmarines are a dangerous force in the grim darkness of the distant future.
Stay tuned for further additions to this formidable warband!

Signum Bloodfang 04

Bloodfang wolfenmarine pack

They reached the stars, but wolves still remain perfect predators. Doubtless and tireless, the pack is making their way through the galaxy.

Signum Bloodfang 08
Nakran, Captain of Bloodfang wolfenmarine-€16.75

Captain Nakran leads the squad through the dangers of space to the new battles. Whatever enemy awaits the squad on a new planet or space station, Captain has several plans of winning in his head already. As a natural leader, he is the first to go into battle, being the example of determination and composure.

Signum Bloodfang 06
Bloodfang wolfenmarine Juggernaut-€29.78

The spirit of a wolf in a mighty steel body. Combat machine that doesn’t know either pain or tiredness.

Signum Bloodfang 01
Bloodfang Wolfenmarine Squad- €46.53

It only takes a skillful commander and a band of four wolves to capture the orbital fortress, to destroy the space pirates nest, or to turn the tide of a huge battle.

Signum Bloodfang 11
Bloodfang wolfenmarine with battle axe-€11.63

Cold light of stars reflects on the polished armor of a wolfenmarine warrior.

Signum Bloodfang 10
Bloodfang wolfenmarine with sickle-€11.63

This warrior prefers close combat weapons. He wants to see how death reflects in the eyes of his enemies.

Signum Bloodfang 09
Bloodfang wolfenmarine with machine gun-€11.63

Wolfenmarines aren’t primitive predators anymore. They keep their hunting instincts, but they fight with a real deadly weapon now.

Signum Bloodfang 07
Sardur, Sergeant Bloodfang wolfenmarine-€16.75

To keep the wolfenmarines eager to fight in a combat formation, you need not just strong will, heavy fists, and sharp fangs. Sergeant Bloodfang wolfenmarine is a true professional. He’s a weapon master and skillful commander on the battlefield.

Signum Bloodfang 05
Bloodfang wolfenmarine with Flamethrower-€11.63

The plasma, hot as a heart of the Sun, melts the steel of armor and combat machines.

Signum Bloodfang 02
Bloodfang wolfenmarine pack- €64.21

Space is not silent. Among the stars you could hear a lot of engine roar, weapon clang, order shouts, and space wolves howling. Purchase all models of Bloodfang wolfenmarine in one click!

Quelle: Signum Games


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