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Shroudfall: Umbra Veil Release

Die neue Fraktion für Shroudfall ist da.

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 28

Die alchemistischen Muskelprotze bekommen ein Bundle und mehrere Einzelsets.

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 1 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 2 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 3 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 4 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 5 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 6 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 7

Faction Bundle: Umbral Veil – € 99,00

Faction Bundles are a great way to get into Shroudfall. They contain a selection of core models for a faction, Movement Widgets as well as 15 Essence Dice.

The Umbral Veil is a cult hidden from the prying eyes of the world and shrouded in secrecy and dark ambitions. Led by the notorious Dr. Horatio Ashcroft, a once-renowned alchemist whose brilliance is only matched by his madness. In his studies, Dr. Ashcroft discovered a way to fuse essence crystals into the bodies of humans, which could alter the very fabric of biology, granting immense strength, resilience, and monstrous forms to those subjected to the procedure. What began as a perverse curiosity quickly spiraled into an obsession, and now Dr. Ashcroft sees himself as a prophet of a new age. 

Product contains:

  • 1 x Dr. Horatio Ashcroft, Architect of Anarchy resin model (1 pose)
  • 3 x Transmuted Fleshcrafters resin models (3 poses)
  • 2 x Goreclaw Brutes resin models (2 postes)
  • 1 x Spinebreaker Brute resin model (1 pose)
  • 1 x Large Movement Widget (FDM printed)
  • 1 x Medium Movement Widget (FDM printed)
  • 1 x Small Movement Widget (FDM printed)
  • 5 x Red Essence Die (plastic)
  • 5 x Yellow Essence Die (plastic)
  • 5 x Grey Essence Die (plastic)
  • 6 x 40 mm bases
  • 1 x 50 mm base

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 8 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 12

Dr. Horatio Ashcroft (Umbral Veil) – € 19,20

As the mutated abominations grew in number and strength, Dr. Ashcroft’s influence spread and he formed a cult-like following of fellow alchemists and deranged people who worshiped his twisted genius and sought to gain his favor. This group, known as the Umbral Veil, adopted his dark teachings, viewing their mutations as a form of transcendence and the path to ultimate power.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Dr. Horatio Ashcroft resin model (1 pose)
  • 1 x 40mm base

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 9 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 13

Transmuted Fleshcrafters (Umbral Veil) – € 38,30

Product contains:

  • 3 x Transmuted Fleshcrafter resin models (3 poses)
  • 3 x 40mm base

 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 10 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 14 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 15 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 16

Goreclaw Brutes (Umbral Veil) – € 34,70

The Goreclaw Brutes are a terrifying sight to behold. These hulking monstrosities, forged in the twisted laboratories of Dr. Horatio Ashcroft, are a testament to the horrifying blend of alchemy and mechanized augmentation. Each Goreclaw Brute is a grotesque fusion of flesh and metal, their bodies encased in thick armor that hisses and clanks with every movement. Their primary weapons are their namesake: massive, serrated claws that can rend through the strongest of armors and tear foes limb from limb.

Product contains:

  • 2 x Goreclaw Brute resin models (2 poses)
  • 2 x 40mm base

 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 11 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 17 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 18 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 19

Spinebreaker Brute (Umbral Veil) – € 23,90

What sets the Spinebreaker Brute apart among all of the creations of the alchemists, is its singular focus on wreaking havoc and dealing devastating damage. Embedded within its back is a pulsating mockery of an essence reactor, the source of its destructive power. When unleashed upon the battlefield, the Spinebreaker Brute becomes an unstoppable force, charging into the midst of enemy ranks with unbridled aggression. Its enormous fists, slam into adversaries with bone-crushing force, while its colossal frame effortlessly crushes any opposition in its path.

However, the dark alchemical process that empowers the Spinebreaker Brute comes at a cost—the creature’s intellect is reduced to a primal simplicity, leaving it driven solely by a relentless instinct to destroy. In the midst of battle, the Spinebreaker Brute becomes a relentless juggernaut, an embodiment of destructive power harnessed through forbidden alchemical means.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Spinebreaker Brute resin model (1 poses)
  • 1 x 50mm bas

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 24 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 20 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 21 SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 23

Ironbound Brute (Umbral Veil) – € 25,70

The Ironbound Brute, a testament to the Alchemists‘ macabre ingenuity, lumbers onto the battlefield as a resilient and imposing guardian. Unlike its more nimble counterparts, the Ironbound Brute prioritizes sturdiness and toughness, embodying an indomitable fortress of metal and magic. Its exterior is a fusion of sinewy flesh and interwoven metallic plating, creating an intimidating visage that strikes fear into the hearts of its foes.

It serves as a steadfast protector of its creators. Its durable composition and metal-infused skin provide an impenetrable barrier against enemy assaults. Positioned strategically on the battlefield, the Ironbound Brute becomes an unyielding bulwark, shielding the Alchemists from harm as they continue their arcane experiments. In the crucible of war, the Ironbound Brute emerges as a juggernaut of defense, capable of both absorbing punishment and manipulating the flow of battle to the advantage of its creators.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Ironbound Brute resin model (1 pose)
  • 1 x 50mm base

Auch die Regeln der Fraktion sind jetzt online:

Since it’s humble beginnings, the Umbral Veil has grown into a formidable faction. Their goal is nothing short of toppling the established government and creating a new order where they reign supreme. Operating from hidden laboratories and secretive hideouts, they continue to abduct individuals for their experiments, swelling their ranks with more grotesque mutations. The Umbral Veil strikes fear into the hearts of many, their presence whispered about in taverns and among the brave souls who have witnessed their terror firsthand.

Dr. Ashcroft’s ultimate vision is a world reshaped in his image, where the strong dominate the weak, and the alchemical sciences reign supreme. The Silver Line, aware of the growing threat, has begun to take action, but Ashcroft seems to be always one step ahead. As the world stands on the brink of chaos following the Rupture, the Umbral Veil watches from the shadows, ready to emerge and claim their dark destiny.

The Umbral Veil on the tabletop

Playing the Umbral Veil heavily revolves around the interaction between the ALCHEMIST units and their creations, the MONSTROSITIES. While all monstrosities are powerful on their own, they can only unfold their true potential when guided by one of their creators.

When a MONSTROSITY unit activates while within 2″ of a friendly ALCHEMIST unit, it gains a passive ability called „Elixir“. All monstrosities have access to three generic Elixirs, enhancing their performance on the battlefield. Additionally each monstrosities has access to a special Elixir that has been fine-tuned to its specific roll on the battlefield.

Players cleverly planning ahead for the positioning of these two types of units will be rewarded, while enemies who manage to disrupt this interaction will have an easier time fighting the Umbral Veil successfully.

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 25

The Goreclaw Brutes synergize strongly with their special Elixir, enabling them to reroll one blank in each hit and damage roll, increasing the likelihood of a critical strike significantly.

Key Unit in Focus: Transmuted Fleshcrafters

The Transmuted Fleshcrafters did not stop with their experiments at their monstrosities, but also applied their dark knowledge to their very own bodies. Although their armour is on the low end, the alchemical elixirs running through their veins grants them the common passive ability „Regeneration“, keeping them in the game longer than you would expect for a unit with an ARM value of 3. With their ability to heal friendly monstrosities with their beam weapon they form the very backbone of many Umbral Veil armies.

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 26

These Alchemists definitely didn’t skip leg day …

Key unit in Focus: Dr. Horatio Ashcroft, Architect of Anarchy

Dr. Ashcroft is the mastermind steering the Umbral Veil on their path to reshape society. He is a powerful telekinetic who can displace friendly and enemy models alike with his toolkit. His leadership represents his supreme intellect, planning always dozens of steps ahead, giving you the option to infuse rolls after the dice roll. With his disregard for all life, he willingly sacrifices friendly models to achieve his grand plans, taking down any enemies that oppose his grand scheme.

SF Faction Bundle Umbral Veil 1 27

Dr. Horatio Ashcroft was the very first to dabble in the unholy arts of flesh crafting, not only creating the very first monstrosities but also „perfecting“ himself with his alchemical concoctions.

Within the next months, the number of Umbral Veil units will be expanded step by step to the current level of the Silver Line and the Chosen of the Spirit Tree. Also: Have a look at the new Faction Bundles, that not only include a selection of core models but also movement widgets as well as a set of 15 essence dice.

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