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Relicblade: Cursebreaker Kickstarter

Ein neuer Kickstarter zu Relicblade läuft derzeit.

Kickstarter Objective:

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to help your friend Sean publish Cursebreaker, a new game set in the Relicblade world, and create two new factions for Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game. 

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 1

Kickstarter Core Pledge Contents

  • Cursebreaker Rulebook. 
  • Cursebreaker Deluxe Token Set
  • Cursebreaker 16-Card Deck
  • Severed Hand Faction Set with Relicblade Cards
    • 4 character miniatures. Minis cast in white metal and supplied unassembled and unpainted with 25mm round plastic bases.
    • 10 Relicblade cards. 3 characters, 6 upgrades, and 1 relic.
  • Guild Champions Faction Set with Relicblade Cards
    • 4 character miniatures. Minis cast in white metal and supplied unassembled and unpainted with 25mm round plastic bases.
    • 10 Relicblade cards. 4 characters and 6 upgrades.
  • All bundled in a special edition box! These rewards are discounted compared to the retail prices that will follow in general release.

Shipping is so expensive. Sorry I can’t provide the same shipping options as larger companies. I will ship the EU and UK pledges from within those countries so you won’t play import duties.

New to Relicblade? 

Upgrade your pledge level to get the Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game core rulebook with your Kickstarter pledge and play both games!

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 2

The new Relicblade factions in this Kickstarter include amazing new Relicblade cards, so if you don’t have the Seeker’s Handbook, you will certainly want a copy included in your rewards.

Cursebreaker: Game Overview

  • A Wizard Battle game that takes place in the Shattered Lands of Relicblade.
  • 1-4 players. 2’x2′ play area.
  • Strategic magic system that rewards cleverness.
  • Exciting dice mechanic for casting spells and stealing your opponent’s dice to grow more powerful.
  • Uses Relicblade miniatures in a completely new rule-set with a completely new gameplay experience. Play more games with your existing collection!

Cursebreaker is an all new, stand alone game set in the world of Relicblade. Players enter the Shattered Lands as powerful magicians in search of greatness. As you cross the threshold into those cursed lands, the laws of reality are warped beyond recognition. A completely new rule-set governs reality as you and your rivals contend with feral magic.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 3

Players enter the Shattered Lands as a learned magician with mastery over the eight mighty books of magic lore. Equipped with advanced learning and arcane will, magicians use a pool of power dice to interact with the surging whims of magic. The results of their dice allow them to cast powerful spells.

Players use the power dice on their lore books to cast powerful spells and summon deadly creatures from beyond the veil. Magicians must master the fickle flow of magic to acquire even greater power or be stripped of their power by hungry rivals.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 4

Games of Cursebreaker are ultimately a contest of wit and will between competing magicians and the cursed lands themselves. In the end, only one battle wizard will emerge victorious.

Sorcery Over Swords: A Wizard Game

Cursebreaker is a strategic game of magical mastery. Players cannot simply kick down the door and smash their way to victory. They must apply their unmatched wizardly intellect to outplay their opponents. At the start of each round, magicians roll dice to discover exactly which spells are at their disposal. Then during their activation, they spend those dice to cast spells that deal direct damage, lay sinister traps, and summon deadly entities.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 5

Cursebreaker is less of a magical shootout, and more like a deadly arcane puzzle. Instead of attempting to cast spells and rolling to see if it was successful. Players know what spells are available and the spells are guaranteed to have the desired effect. With guaranteed spell effects and predictable outcomes, players must rely on their intelligence and foresight instead of looking to luck for an advantage. A skilled magician will see what tools are at their disposal, then lay a perfect path to victory.

Terrible curses ravage the land, and each scenario presents brutal challenges that the magicians must overcome. Cursed objects are repositories of feral magic. Be it the tomb of a hateful crusader or the severed head of a powerful necromancer, cursed objects channel feral magic to cast spells and summon evil creatures. As cursebreakers, the players strive to strip the magic from these evil objects and claim the rewards trapped within.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 6

Cursebreaker features a seamless campaign system that adds depth and continuity to your arcane adventures. As players travel through the Shattered Lands, they will gain new insights into their own power, claim potent magical treasures, and gather brave champions to their cause. Cursebreaker runs wonderfully with two, three, and four players in the same scenario. Campaigns can be easily coordinated for game groups as players race to complete difficult Campaign Achievements and claim ultimate victory across eleven games.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 7

Cursebreaker includes a solo campaign for magicians forced to walk the path of solitude. The forbidden Lore of Shadows has attached itself to the solo magician like a parasite. The doomed magician does not enter the Shattered Lands with lofty dreams of power or mastery. They are driven by the consuming need to break the curse upon themselves, or at least die where the shadow will be lost among the countless other deadly curses of the wastes. Enjoy strategic wizard adventures on your own time without relying on a gaming group’s schedule.

„Relicblade“ and „Cursebreaker“: Two Games, One World by One Artist

Metal King Studio is the solo game development studio of artist Sean Sutter. Sean does all of the game design, illustration, sculpture, and runs the business by himself. He is committed to creating exciting games and high quality miniatures. Over the past nine years, Sean has been creating and releasing miniatures and books for Relicblade.

Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game is an exciting tactical action rpg. Players use their omniscient power as Seekers to influence the fate of bold adventurers. Heroes and villains undertake dangerous quests in a desparate bid to control the fate of civilization! Relicblade is a dynamic and daring adventure game.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 8

Cursebreaker is a game of strategic spellcasting and wizardly puzzles. Players must learn to master the eight books of magic and contend with shifting magical power to achieve victory. Able to plan ahead and predict the future, players apply their peerless intellect to master the arcane.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 9

Both Relicblade and Cursebreaker use the same miniatures! Cursebreaker is a spin-off game set in the world of Relicblade. It uses all of the same miniatures, but it is a completely new ruleset that delivers a completely new play experience.

Players have a vibrant world at their fingertips. Use the amazing new factions from this Kickstarter to dive into both games! Interested in getting started right away? Order direct from the artist at www.Relicblade.com to start your adventure today!

New Relicblade Faction Sets

This Kickstarter Campaign includes two new factions for use in both Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game and Relicblade: Cursebreaker. Learn more about these exciting new factions below.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 10

New Faction: Severed Hand

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 11

There has only been the most minor reference to the Severed Hand in the past. When I re-printed the Legends 1 card pack in color, there was one open space to bring the pack up to 10 cards. I used the opportunity to make the character “Verin Six-Fingers, Captain of the Severed Company.”

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 12 Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 13

The Severed Hand has existed since my earliest conception of the Relicblade world. But we haven’t seen any of them until today. It is an odd experience to have so much Relicblade in my mind, but the process of actually making things takes ages.

The Severed Hand is a Neutral faction of seafaring mercenaries.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 14

Saber Wolf

The ancient lands of Kemora sit across the South Sea. Over the past century, Kemen Merchant Lords established vital trade routs and built a prosperous network between desperate allied cities. Transporting goods in the twilight age is dangerous work, and accordingly, it requires the help of dangerous men.

A uniquely Kemen martial tradition was born in the seafaring Saber Wolves. Saber Wolves are hearty sailors and vicious fighters. They carry massive curved swords, exotic explosives, a ferocious reputation.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 15

Tiger Claws

There are few tradable commodities more valuable than information. Trade routes are vital lifelines for the movement of both goods and news from surrounding kingdoms. In dangerous times, powerful secrets must be moved with extreme care. The Tiger Claws are an organization with legendary integrity. These messengers are as secretive and dangerous as their namesake, the mythical tigers of the Kemen jungles.

The Tiger Claws are rogues who famously operate in teams to achieve their secretive missions.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 16

Sea Mistress

Sea Mistresses are powerful sorcerers with an innate connection to the ocean. For seafaring adventurers and traders, there is no higher honor than serving under a magician with a mastery of the seas. When Darkness fell over the Kemora, the Sea Mistresses became key leaders of the trade companies now severed from the Kemen Lords.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 17

Lore: The Severing of Kemora

In a cruel instant, the lands of Kemora were cursed by an otherworldly darkness. The golden age of Kemen trade came crashing down as deadly horrors overwhelmed and conquered a dozen cities at once. Skull faced monsters now sat in the seats of power. The merchant fleets, once known as Hands of Kemora, were thrown into chaos. Most companies fled across the Kemen Sea to their hidden outposts in the Alfor islands. Even with the Kemen trade fleet intact, the balance of power was destroyed.

The fractured remnants of the merchant fleet reorganized into mercenary bands. Some dedicated themselves to the service of Darkness, while others violently opposed it. There is no governing body over the the Severed Hand. The mercenary ships scattered across the south sea and beyond. Their talents were finely honed in a golden age of trade, but cruel fate has sent them into a dangerous age of adventure.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 18

New Faction: Guild Champions

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 19 Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 20 Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 21

The Lotus Guild 

The Lotus Guilds were introduced in 2020 with the neutral Bladesong character. The Lotus Bladesong is an elegant and powerful knight, but for years she has been a lone representative of the powerful Lotus Guilds. The Lotus Guilds freely delve into dangerous magics to modify their bodies and minds. The secretive lotus elves have a wide variety of specializations in their strident search for power.

The Guild Champions are a neutral faction of elven elites.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 22

Lotus Artificer

The Twilight Seat, the center of power for the Lotus Guilds, is the source of countless magic items found throughout the lands. Skilled artisans are famed far and wide and Lotus maker’s marks adorn some of the most powerful creations of the age. The specialized Guild Artificers leverage their unlimited creativity to forge experimental magic items. Wielding experimental weapons is not without risk, but the Lotus Elves’ hunger for power knows no bounds.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 23

Lotus Talisman

The search for power sends the Lotus Elves down many paths, and some paths are more honest than others. The Talisman wizards delve into the arcane using symbols of power. The fickle will of magic does not bend to an unchosen magician, but the Talisman wizards collect and adorn themselves with magical items that obfuscate their identities. Covered in symbols of power and cursed objects, the Lotus Talisman warriors burn with unearned magic. They are magical powder kegs vibrating with raw fury.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 24

Lotus Starsight

Starsight Archers are highly traditional warriors who wield ancestral great bows. The arcane cosmos wheel above and offer divine order to the archer’s searching mind. Massive bolts nearly the size of spears rocket into the skies to take down their prey. Arcane weaponry works in tandem with arcane minds. Starsight archers are imperious individuals who perilously walk at the edge of the cosmic void.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 25

Storm Heron

The Twilight Seat is surrounded by vast tidal marshlands and the shining south sea. The land is permeated by feral magic and dangerous monsters prowl the shadows. Not all magical creatures are of hateful design. The Storm Heron is a symbol of burgeoning life in the sundered world. They are majestic birds and vassals of the arcane storm. These beautiful creatures are keenly intelligent and valuable allies in a world of feral magic.

Stretch Goals

Stretch goals are a very fun way for me to harness your enthusiasm to create a little bit more than I planned.

If we are able to reach these funding mile-stones, these character packs will be available as Add-ons. You will have the chance to add these characters to your rewards for an additional fee.

50k – Ancient Dead

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 26

This is the first time I’ve made official sculpts for the Relicblade wild monsters. It seemed like a good time to create them since Cursebreaker uses a lot of wild monsters! This set of three ancient dead and one revenant. I really like how these sculpts turned out.

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 27

65k – Kistra Xaine

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 28

Relicblade characters represent archetypes or character classes, and the Paragon Characters are a wonderful way for me to explore some of the named individuals who represent a particular archetype. The Paragons I’ve prepared for these stretch goals will work particularly well in both Relicblade and Cursebreaker. 🙂

80k – Tahoor Bajwa

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 29

Tahoor is a paragon Flame Bearer, except he wasn’t chosen by the source of flame, he was chosen by the source of the storm. So he is a Storm Bearer. Get it? It makes sense to me at least.

100k – Wise Guinn

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 30

Holy moly I love nature. I sure hope I get to make Wise Guinn soon. I would absolutely field this guy in every game of Relicblade and Cursebreaker.

120k – Traveler Corine

Relicblade Cursebreaker Kickstarter 31

Relicblade is an „adventure battle game“, so the Temple of Justice characters are mostly battle ready allies of the temple. It would be easy to get the impression that the Temple of Justice is a martial order, but most of their work is related to caring for people’s needs. The Travelers of Justice are humble clerics who perform daily practical work to ease the suffering in the world. I love the idea that one of these humble caregivers would be inspired to break the curses on the world. Sure, most of the magicians who enter the Shattered Lands are ambitious show-offs, but there are noble reasons to break those curses too.

Relicblade Miniatures Range

Relicblade has grown a lot over the years and there is a lot to explore! The rewards for this Kickstarter only include the new releases. Other than the option to include the Relicblade rulebook, backers will not be able to purchase other kits through this Kickstarter.

Cursebreaker uses a lot of the Relicblade range throughout the adventure. If you are interested in picking up more of the Relicblade range you can order directly from the artist at Relicblade.com

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 18 Tage.

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