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Kings of War: Trident Realm Vorbestellung

Mantic Games haben die Trident Real Miniaturen der Riverguard und Dambuisters in Plastik neu aufgelegt und beginnen die Vorbestellungsphase der neuen Sets.

Die Mega Army kostet 150€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmMega1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmMega2

Most Neriticans have lungs as well as gills and can march as well as any man. Eventually, however, they do have to return to their aquatic homes, and so Neriticans rarely have any interest in holding objectives or fortifying positions. They attack swiftly and decisively, sacking any settlement or stronghold that they see as a threat, before retreating back whence they came.

When the winds of war blow strong and sweep across the land, they stir the waters of the world and nervous eyes keep watch of the rising tide. Who knows what will emerge from the depths?

Das Army Bundle kostet 95€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealArmy1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealArmy2

As with many races, the fishmen’s influence on the world since has ebbed and flowed. They are fiercely territorial and have clashed and sided with many land-dwelling peoples, especially when their watery domain is encroached upon by the vile, filthy cities that are built on coasts and rivers. Their relative isolation and remoteness has given them a certain aloofness to the general woes and conflicts of the other races, but when their anger is roused, few can stand in the way of the hordes that pour forth from the ocean waters. They still feel the call in their hearts to protect the Mother world from the darkness from which they were rescued and this more than anything is what drives them to arms and to venture onto the land.

Das Ambush Starter Set steht bei 35£


Deep beneath the seas of the known world lies the Trident Realm – a triumvirate of glittering underwater kingdoms, ruled by an aquatic race far beyond the ken of land-dwellers. Created during the God War by the Dark Smith, the Neriticans are as capricious as the waterways they inhabit, in parts gentle and nurturing, in others spiteful and full of wrath.

Der  Coral Giant schlägt mit 55€ zu Buche

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealCoral1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealCoral2

This harnessing of the sea’s elemental power can sometimes result in the creation of a truly terrible being – the coral giant. Knitted together from the living creatures of the sea, these massive beasts drag themselves to the shore, gathering strength and regenerating even the most grievous wounds as they fight. Such an embodiment of nature’s wrath has rarely been seen on Pannithor, but typifies the ferocity and resolve of the Neriticans.

Die Dambuster Arbalest kostet 30€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmArbalest2 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmArbalest1

Ofttimes, the enemy will field a creature or engine of war that needs to be brought down efficiently, the Neritican tide then flowing past the vanquished obstacle. The Riverguard have evolved a version of the Leviathan’s Bane, making it more mobile, but no less deadly.

Der Pondwarden Sentinel kostet 22,50£

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmPondwarden1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmPondwarden2

Pondwardens are tough, proud, and solitary individuals, descended from a species of Trogfyre Toad. They have a tradition of passing down their armour to their oldest male offspring, who then has a solemn duty to live most of the year alone and protect the family territory. The armour is made of iron-wood, and the Wardens bond with their giant mounts, forming a formidable partnership.

Das Dambuster Regiment kostet 35€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealDambuster1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealDambuster2

Due to sacred oaths older than most civilisations, the Riverguard are the first defence for the Trident Realm, serving as sentinels, and carefully watching for danger passing through rivers and estuaries. In battle, they move in great, bounding leaps, crashing into the midst of the enemy before attacking with their poisoned weapons.

When the rivers under the protection of the Trident Realm are encroached upon by humans, dwarfs or elves, the Riverguard deploy their heavy cavalry – the Dambusters. These giant amphibians are tremendously strong, able to leap over dam walls and lay waste to these constructions and their defenders with ease. It takes fast reflexes and intuition to fight atop these mounts, so only the elite of the Riverguard can be found in Dambuster clutches.

Der Dambuster Sentinel kostet 30€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealDambusterSentinel1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealDambusterSentinel2

The skilled leaders of the Riverguard are known as Sentinels. They are given responsibility for whole river basins or lake systems. It is their duty to relay all news to their Neritican superiors, and they are regularly visited by the royal envoys of the Trident Realm in order to make their reports. Sentinels are regularly drawn from the clutches of the Dambusters, some retaining their massive mounts and leading whole armies of the Trident Realm to war.

Das Hero Pack kostet 45€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentReamHero1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentReamHero2

Depth Horrors are terrifying to behold. Ugly creatures that dwell at the bottom of the seas, they live at depths devoid of all light. On the darkest of days, the alpha beasts will emerge – the Eternals.

A Siren lives with an unfathomable grief, and her haunting song as she pines for a love returned ripples across the ocean, luring unfortunates to their eventual doom when they do not live up to her warped and broken dreams.

Commanding several clutches in close co-ordination, a Riverguard captain works closely with his Neritican peers, orchestrating clever and punishing battlefield manoeuvres.

It takes a strong will to lead the vicious naiads to war, and a keen mind to lead them to victory. The Naiad Centurions possess both, having waged war for at least a century before assuming command. These peerless warriors are supported by Envoys – fiercely loyal messengers who travel between the battle lines.

Das Riverguard Regiment kostet 35€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmRiverguard1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentRealmRiverguard2

The Riverguard are not true Neriticans at all. Dwelling near inland waters, these amphibious creatures belong to tribes that long ago allied themselves to the Neriticans for mutual benefit. They are rangy creatures, looking something like frogs, and perhaps are more akin to the beastmen of the Herd than fishmen.

Fighting in small skirmishing groups known as ‘clutches’, these lithe warriors favour javelins as their weapons, attacking their foes at range before disengaging and retreating back into cover. Treeleaper clutches prefer to strike the enemy in close combat with heavy two-handed tridents, literally leaping onto enemy warriors to deal a final, heavy blow.

Dass Tidal Swarm Regiment kostet 20€

ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentReamTidal1 ManticGamesKingsOfWarTridentReamTidal2

Tidal swarms are a collection of crabs, sea snakes and even capricious surf demons, and an unintentional side effect of the larger beings brought onto land – dragged up alongside them when they come ashore. Still controlled by the will of the Trident Kings, they fight ahead of the Neritican battle lines, harassing, clawing, stinging and biting enemy warriors en masse as a literal living tide.

Der Versand wird am 15. April beginnen.

In einem aktuellen Video von Mantic Games gibt es noch weitere aktuelle Previews:

Kings of War ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Minyarts erhältlich.

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  • Puh 😮‍💨
    Also beim lesen des ersten „The Old World“ Spielberichtes im neuen WD dachte ich mir ja bei einigen der Fotos „Ohje, viele der alten Modelle sind aber nicht gut gealtert und nicht mehr zeitgemäß“ aber wenn ich mir dann jetzt diese aktuelle Veröffentlichung von KoW angucke muss ich sagen, dass die alten GW Modelle MEINER MEINUNG nach da doch nich ganz gut mithalten können.
    Klar sind die Frösche eine witzige Idee und haben einen gewissen Charme aber so richtig gut sehen die in meinen Augen nicht aus, ich denke jedoch das hier die Bemalung einen Teil zu beiträgt.

  • Ich habe schon alle alten Metallfrösche und den einen großen Reiter und die sind schon super. Ich werde hier auf jeden Fall zuschlagen und die Armee für Saga erweitern.

  • Phu. Kermit goes Tabletop.
    Ne, liebes Mantic Team. Das hier geht mal wieder so gar nicht.
    Plump, verwaschene Details. Wirkt teilweise wie (mittelmäßige) 10mm Modelle auf 28mm aufgeblasen.
    Da sind Schleich Modelle überzeugender.

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