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Puppetswar: Juni Release und Juli Vorschau

Diesen Monat gibt es unter anderem brennende Marines bei Puppetswar.

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June 2024 Release + July lineup

Hi, Gang!

June releases are finally done! Emperorc of Orkind, Giant Digger Bug and Inferno Strikers conversion set can be downloaded here.  As usual, we will share it with you on MMF as soon as possible.

PW Juni Patreon 19

Unfortunately, for Inferno Strikers and Giant Digger Bug now, you have only access to unsupported files. As soon as possible, we will update your MMF with supported versions. If you still prefer to download files from a direct link just send us a DM we will prepare one for you.

This time delay was caused mostly by the fact that on top of the monthly release, we also scheduled work on a few older sets that in our mind needed a few tweaks: Orcs in Buster Armour, RaptOrcs Cavalry, and Raptorc Leader got improved detail and scale changes. Prime Snipers and a Captain soon will be available in knight and bushi style and also will have magnet-ready rifles.

All of you who already have those products in your Puppetswar store account or MMF library will get those updates.

PW Juni Patreon 20 PW Juni Patreon 21

In July you will be getting:

  • Air Speeder for Strikers (let’s consider this as worm out before I tackle more serious strikers‘ machinery in upcoming months
  • Colonial Orc Marines unit equipped with smart Dakka cannons

Thank you for your patience, trust and support!

Have fun printing!
PW Team

Quelle: Puppetswar Miniatures bei Patreon


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  • Hmm ich verstehe das irgendwie nicht… Gibt es echt einen Markt für „Komm wir kopieren GW, machen es aber deutlich schlechter?“

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