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Osprey Games: Joseph A. McCullough 2024 Preview

Für dieses Jahr sind vier Erweiterungsbänder für drei unterschiedliche McCullough Systeme geplant.

Announcing Joseph A. McCullough Wargames 2024

It’s a big year for fans of Joseph A. McCullough’s wargame series! We have supplements coming for both Frostgrave and Stargrave, as well as two for The Silver Bayonet

OP Joseph A. McCullough Wargames 2024 1

Written by Joseph A. McCullough & illustrated by aRU-MOR

Enhance your Frostgrave campaigns with recurring villains that grow more powerful over time and give your wizards somewhere to hide with expanded rules for bases.

On the violent and deadly streets of the Frozen City, feuds and vendettas are commonplace.
Wizards may start out focused on discovery and exploration, fighting when necessary for survival
or to win possession of some long-lost artefact or grimoire, but such battles can swiftly become intensely personal. Competitors become adversaries and, as the cycle of violence continues,
some wizards lose sight of their original goals and focus their efforts on the elimination
of their hated foes – their mortal enemies.

This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City presents rules for creating recurring villains in both competitive and solo campaigns. These characters are unique individuals who return over the course of a campaign to plague the players’ wizards, gaining experience, recruiting allies, and becoming more deadly with each appearance. Against such threats, a wizard’s base becomes as much hideout as headquarters, and an expanded range of options for enhancing bases is provided, as are rules for defending your own… and attacking those of your rivals!

MARCH 2024

OP Joseph A. McCullough Wargames 2024 2

Written by Joseph A. McCullough & illustrated by Brainbug Design

Face dangerous new foes, recruit new soldiers, and uncover the mysterious treasures of Ancient Egypt in two new campaigns, one competitive and one for solo or cooperative play.

Somewhere beneath the shifting sands lies the forgotten knowledge of the pharaohs –
magic granting power over wind and rain, life and death, and even time itself.
Napoleon didn’t cross the Mediterranean simply to conquer Egypt, he sought these ancient secrets.
No one knows what he found, but his military victories since then speak for themselves.
Now, as Bonaparte continues to burn his way through Europe, desperate nations have sent
their own special units across the sea to search for a counter and end his rampage.

Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx is a supplement for The Silver Bayonet, in which the players‘
special units  explore the mysteries of this great land, venturing into lost cities, forbidden ruins,
and even beneath the Pyramids themselves. Contained within are two campaigns, one competitive
and one for solo or cooperative play. Also included is a new recruitment list as well as a number
of new soldier types, and the equipment that might give them an edge, but they will still have to face
an array of terrifying foes, including mummies, werejackals, and serpopards, many not known
to the living for more than 3,000 years…

MAY 2024

OP Joseph A. McCullough Wargames 2024 3

Written by Joseph A. McCullough & illustrated by Biagio D’Alessandro

Stargrave supplement devoted to generating and running solo scenarios in which players hunt bounties across the Ravaged Galaxy… or perhaps become hunted themselves!

It’s hard to live with a price on your head, especially in the Ravaged Galaxy, where bounty hunters can be found on every planet. Most are amateurs, folk with a gun and an eye for a payday,
but some are deadly professionals. A few aren’t even motivated by the reward, but by vengeance,
redemption, some notion of justice, or the pure thrill of the hunt. They’re the truly dangerous ones. No matter what drives them, once a new bounty is posted, the hounds take up the chase and,
more often than not, it all ends in violence…

Dead or Alive gives Stargrave players all the tools they need to generate solo bounty-hunting scenarios, including a variety of different settings and locations, a host of complications to be faced, and, of course, a large rogues’ gallery of unique outlaws. With the random scenario generators in this volume, players can set up a great number of games of Stargrave with no two being the same…
all without an opponent!

JUNE 2024

OP Joseph A. McCullough Wargames 2024 4

Written by T.C. Stephen & illustrated by Brainbug Design

This supplement for The Silver Bayonet takes the Napoleonic gothic horror wargame into the undead-ravaged lands of southern Italy with a solo campaign, new soldiers, monsters, and more!

Something sinister has risen in Calabria, the mysterious, hauntingly beautiful, yet dangerous province of southern Italy. Still recovering from the destructive earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people, the region’s clergy inspire a full-blown sanfedisti – a holy war – against Republican France and its allies. As the major nations vie for military, political, and ideological supremacy over the Mediterranean, the Bourbon royal family plots to reclaim its Neapolitan throne, sending agents from its Sicilian stronghold to support the Calabrian briganti in waging a bloody guerrilla war against the occupying French.

Amidst this chaos, rumors spread that the dead no longer rest easy, but rise from their graves to wander isolated valleys and mountain paths, the creak and groan of their dry bones offering scant warning to the terrified people of the region. Players must recruit a courageous band of soldiers and specialists to seek out the truth behind these tales in this supplement to The Silver Bayonet which is sure to send shivers down the spine of even the bravest grenadier.


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  • Als absluter Frostgrave Fan finde ich die Idee mit dem wiederkeherenden Nemesis echt cool. Vor allem auch weil dort Solo-Spiel erwähnt wird. Der Band wird auf jeden Fall gekauft. 🙂

  • Dead or Alive gab es ja während des Lockdown schon mal als PDF gratis.
    Ist dass jetzt nur als gedrucktes Format oder wurde das überarbeitet und ist jetzt quasi neu?

    • Gute Frage aber ich steh drauf was sie / er für Stargrave raushauen. Und mit dem vielen Solo kram wird es zeit mir einen Zeitpunkt für ein Crew Projekt und anschließende Solo Kampagne zu überlegen.

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