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OnePageRules: Regelupdate

OnePageRules haben ihr Regelwerk auf die Version 3.3 aktualisiert. Hierbei wurde unter anderem das Layout überarbeitet.


Nun sollen die Regelupdates nicht mehr vierteljährlich sondern jährlich erscheinen – und damit auch gedruckte Regelwerke möglich werden.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of OPR, and with it, we have been improving a lot of things for you. We have been updating and releasing more lore, have been publishing new books with tons of art, and now it’s time that we finally update the layout of our rulebooks as well.

The old style of our rulebooks was created all the way back in 2017, and until now the layouts, borders, and illustrations have all remained the same. Since then, OPR has grown from a tiny one-man project, to a full-blown company which is recognized internationally as one of the best up-and-coming wargame studios out there. This means that there are a lot more eyes on our games now, and we have more budget to allocate, so it was finally time to change the way our books look.

All of our core rules, beginner’s guides, advanced rulebooks, and free extras have been now updated with a new style, and we will be updating the remaining expansions over the coming months (the rules have already been updated to v3.3.0, it’s just the layout updates that are coming later). If you’ve been checking out the Grimdark Future World Book or the Secrets of Tixal narrative campaign, then you should already have an idea of how things are changing.

The core rules sheets and free extras have been re-worked with a new minimal layout, which brings a splash of color and looks much cleaner now. All of the beginner’s guides and advanced rulebooks have also been updated, with colored pages, new illustrations, and finally diagrams featuring OPR minis.

We hope that you like the new layouts, and that they finally allow OPR games to look like a professional product.

With this new style, and with some of the feedback we’ve been having regarding the frequency of our rules updates, we are also contemplating switching our rulebook updates to yearly releases, whilst keeping army updates to the current quarterly schedule. This would allow us to finally justify the sale of physical rulebooks, which many of you have been asking for, and which would then be valid for a full year. This would also mean that for those that want to print the books at home, they will only have to print them once a year.

Die Army Forge wurde erweitert, Listen sind nun auch plattformübergreifend erreichbar und teilbar. Des weiteren gibt es empfohlene Basegrößen für die Modelle.


The first new feature is that as long as you are logged in, your army lists are saved to your Army-Forge account. This means that your lists are now available across all of your devices, so no more re-creating your lists on desktop and mobile to make them match.

The second new feature is the addition of community list sharing, which allows you to share any list you made for a faction in Army-Forge, which other players can then see and rate. This will make it even easier for new players to find pre-made lists, or to check out lists for inspiration.

Finally, we are also adding base size recommendations for all official OPR armies, which has been one of the most requested features ever. These base sizes are fully optional, and you can disable them from the menu, as they are only meant to give you a general idea of what base sizes are expected for each unit.

Die Regel Shaken wurde geändert, ebenso wurden Hybrideinheiten mit einer Assault-Aktion gestärkt.


For our main battle games, we are changing the Shaken rule to be more forgiving, and give players some extra choice. In this new version, Shaken units are still able to act normally, but they get -1 to Quality and Defense rolls, halve their movement, and can’t seize objective markers. Units may choose to spend their activation idle in order to stop being Shaken, but don’t have to.

This change makes it so that Shaken units can fight on, so that you don’t have to watch your beautifully painted minis just sit there all game idle because they keep getting Shaken. It does mean that games are slightly longer, as units that previously had no choice but to skip their activation will now be able to act (with a penalty).

For our skirmish games, we are changing Wound Checks and Rout Tests, again to make the game more forgiving, but also slightly less deadly. In this new version, units are not Stunned anymore, but are Shaken instead, with Shaken working as described above. This also means that when units fail a Rout test, they are Shaken instead of Stunned, and are only Routed if they were already Shaken.

This change has a bigger impact on the skirmish games, as it means multiple things. Since units are now Shaken instead of Stunned, you can’t auto-kill them by charging them or hitting them with a shooting attack, so the game is a little less deadly. It also means that units that are charged in melee and take wounds will actually get to strike back (if they are not Knocked Out), which makes the game more balanced.

Note that since Shaken is now less painful than before, the cost of morale and morale-related rules has been changed, so many units across the board are now slightly cheaper.


The next important change, or rather addition, is the introduction of Assault rules, which are meant to help Hybrid units perform better (Hybrid units are those that have equally strong melee and ranged weapons, wasting points by not specializing).

Assault is simple: when you declare a charge and pick a target, you may shoot at it before charging, but get -1 to hit to both shooting and melee, and halve your move. In order to keep things clear and easy, morale tests from wounds are now taken at the end of an activation, unless the unit was engaged in melee, so you don’t take two morale tests when Assaulted. We have also clarified that if the target of a Charge was killed before the unit reaches its target, then the unit may complete its movement and then end its activation.

This means that units that are sufficiently close to the enemy can increase their power by both shooting and striking, which is especially handy for Hybrid units. It also creates a new game of cat-and-mouse, as Hybrid units now want to get into Assault range of the enemy, whilst enemies want to move away and not end their activation in Assault Range. We are looking forward to seeing how the community reacts to this change, and tweak it as necessary.

Finally, we have re-worded Blast, Furious, Relentless, and similar rules, to try and make their interactions clearer. We have also added notes and examples to the special rules section of the Beginner’s Guide, which should hopefully answer some of the most common questions people have been asking since 3rd edition was released.

Viele Armeen erhielten Anpassungen


Alien Hives have been slightly re-worked, after hearing that they are a bit too strong from a lot of community members. We are toning down the combo of Furious + Combo on Grunt units, as well as change monsters to be Quality 4+ so that they are easier to field in smaller games. We also changed how Spores and Spore Guns work, to avoid a lot of the confusion and imbalance players found.

Custodian Brothers have been tweaked once again, to give players more control over specialization of units in this already tiny army. We are also adding the option for Great Sisters to become Casters, to give the Custodians a bit more of a chance against more conventional armies.

Shadow Stalkers have been heavily re-worked, so that they better fit with our upcoming miniatures release. This means that a lot of units have been re-named and re-worked, and we have added a couple of new units and hero mounts for you to check out (and dream of what the minis will look like).


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