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OnePageRules: Februar News und Vorschau

OnePageRules haben in ihrem Patreon Neuigkeiten, eine Vorschau, Bemalvideos und einen Battle Report zu bieten.

News And Previews Square Feb W2 VU Lord Winged Steed 1 VU Lord Winged Steed 2 VU Vampire Knights 1 VU Vampire Knights 3

February News & Previews #2

SoT Available Now

As we go into day two of the campaign, we’re blown away by the reception. We’ve already raised over $40K with more than 700 backers. Thank you all for your incredible support!

Two forces collide in this all-new narrative campaign for OPR Games‘ Age of Fantasy. Will you preserve the ancient lands of Tixal or unearth the secrets hidden deep within?


  • An All-New Narrative Campaign
  • Four New Hero Models
  • Two Full Armies featuring over 200 digital models
  • Two Exclusive Paint Sets from Two Thin Coats
  • High Quality Brush Sets from Chronicle
  • And More!

Click Here to Join the Campaign on Frontiers!
10% Discount for Tier 2 Patrons.

Want to save even more on the campaign? Tier 2 Patreon Subscribers can get an additional 10% Discount Code for the main pledge Tiers. You can find the code on the Tier 2 rewards post on Patreon.

We are happy to partner up with Two Thin Coats Paints and Chronicle for our campaign and for this series of tutorials.

Brushes are from the Chronicle Team, paints are from Two Thin Coats Paints, and both are available as add-ons in our Secrets of Tixal Campaign!

Watch How to Paint Hakatlo, here:

Watch How to Paint Lucrezza, here:

Our Friends from Haunts‘ Wargaming have produced a full Battle Report for the first mission of the Secrets of Tixal Campaign! Get a taste for the campaign story and see all four heroes in action!

You can watch the battle here:

At the top of post, you’ll see some early previews of the what we are working on for March!

The Vampiric Undead Lord is a terrifying commander on the battlefield with a host of powerful attacks, spells, and abilities to choose from. Mounted on a Winged Steed, the Vampiric Lord is able to quickly and easily move about the battlefield, using their undead might where it is needed the most. The Vampire Knights compliment this strength well as elite shock cavalry, able to deal devastating damage when they charge into the enemy forces.

Please remember that these are early WIP shots of the models and not the final versions of the models.

That’s it for this week, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team

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