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Horus Heresy: Endryd Haar

Mit Endryd Haar kommt ein besonders wütender World Eater, der sich aber mit anderen Blackshields auf die Seite der Loyalisten in der Horus Heresy angeschlossen hat.

Heresy Thursday – Endryd Haar Punches the Heads Off World Eaters in the Battle for Beta-Garmon

Imagine how mad you’d be if you disappeared during the Great Crusade, only to come back and find your Legion had cast their lot in with a traitor and turned their backs on the Emperor. Now imagine you’re a warrior of the XII Legion – and not exactly the coolest head in their ranks to start – and you’ll start to understand just how angry Endryd Haar is.

The staunchly loyal leader of the Fangs of the Emperor is a key player in the Battle for Beta-Garmon, and comes loaded for battle with a brand new Forge World resin miniature.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Endryd Haar 1

Even before the Heresy, Haar stood apart from his fellow World Eaters. Terran-born, massive even among the Astartes, he was one of the very first initiates created for his Legion by the Imperial Geneworks. Haar was absent from the Legion’s reunion with their Primarch, and his entire command was eventually thought lost during the Great Crusade – but in a stroke of fortune, being MIA kept him from the Butcher’s Nails, the Warrior Lodges, and the purge at Isstvan III.

Haar’s loyalty to the Imperium never wavered in his long absence, and when he returned, he swore vengeance on the Warmaster – and his former Legion. The so-called ‘Riven Hound’ gathered similarly disaffected Space Marines together into the Fangs of the Emperor – a Blackshield warband that prioritised the pursuit of revenge over all else.

His new miniature is clad in battle-damaged MKV ‘Heresy’ armour – befitting the ramshackle supply lines of a Blackshield warband – with most of its Legion iconography brutally scoured off, though his iron halo still bears the teeth of the World Eaters’ emblem.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Endryd Haar 2

Endryd Haar carries an ancient archaeotech pistol, but his real weapon is a brutal power fist – a Terrawatt-pattern gauntlet that can charge up its disruption nodes to trade Attacks for added oomph, hitting at up to Strength 12! He also sports the unique Fangs of the Emperor Warlord Trait, allowing his squads to creep closer to the enemy before battle – reflecting how the Fangs would often disguise themselves as Traitors to approach enemy lines before attacking without warning.

This resin miniature will be available to order later this year, and Haar’s rules will be found in the Battle for Beta-Garmon campaign book – which is coming soon!

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