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OnePageRules: Age of Fantasy: Quest

OnePageRules veröffentlichen ihr neues Regelsystem für Solo und Co-Op Abenteuerspiel: Age of Fantasy Quest.

Opr Quest Release 1

Age of Fantasy: Quest  is Now Available!

Hi Everyone,

Gaetano speaking, creator of OPR, coming to you with exciting news!

Today I am very pleased to announce that we are finally releasing the Age of Fantasy: Quest Public BETA. This is a game that I’ve been working on for many years, and that has been in various states of early access on Patreon until now.

With this release, we are expanding our games library by one more game, which is, as always, completely free. We are also going to be adding new hero miniatures and narrative campaigns for the game to our Patreon every month, at no additional cost. More stuff, same price, just as we like it!

What is Age of Fantasy: Quest?

Age of Fantasy: Quest is a solo/co-op skirmish adventure game, set in the Age of Fantasy universe.

The easiest way to imagine this is as a hybrid between a skirmish game and an RPG, where your party of 2-4 hero fights off waves of enemies, whilst going on epic adventures. The game is played in campaigns made up of multiple chapters, each with various missions for you to play through, and your heroes will gain experience, find loot, level up to unlock new skills, and suffer injuries whilst adventuring.

During the game, all heroes activate and take actions, which works like our other games, keeping things familiar. Heroes can also take one free skill action each round, which allows them to boost attacks, buff allies, heal, and more. When using skill actions heroes suffer stress, and once they have hit their stress limit they must use a rest action to remove it all. Heroes can also suffer stress to take one additional action each round, as well as suffer stress to boost their next stat roll by +1, so make sure to use these things wisely, especially when at a low level.

After all heroes have activated, all AI enemies activate and fight back, so watch out. There are also lots of other new quest-specific things, which you won’t find in our other games, like heroes suffering status conditions, to finding loot, to being able to use consumables like potions, elixirs, and bombs. Consumables are especially important for your survival, especially at higher difficulties, so don’t forget to stack up on health potions and curing potions before going on a mission.

If you’re familiar with dungeon crawlers or other similar skirmish campaign games, then you will feel right at home with AoF: Quest. This type of game is perfect to play solo, or coop with your family and friends, and is especially great to play with people unfamiliar with wargames, as well as young children. The game is primarily focused on building a narrative experience, so if you’re looking for a competitive versus game, then this isn’t it.

Hopefully you’re already excited to play, but before you run off to download the rules, we recommend reading the next section first. AoF: Quest is a different, but familiar, game from the rest of our library, so you should know its basic concepts, how to play, and other important info.

Opr Quest Release 1b

Basic Concepts

Before we get into the meat of it, the most basic concepts to grasp are:

  • Heroes & Parties
  • Enemies & Collections
  • Campaigns, Chapters, and Missions
  • Dynamic Difficulty Balancing

Heroes & Parties: The game can be played solo or coop, with a party of 2-4 heroes, which are controlled by the players. When playing solo the player controls all heroes, and when playing coop we recommend that each player controls one hero. A group of heroes that goes on a mission together is called a party.

Enemies & Collections: The heroes face off against enemies, which are controlled by a simple AI system (similar to the one from the other games). Before the game, players will need to create a collection based on the miniatures they have, which works exactly the same as building an army for the other games.

Campaigns, Chapters, and Missions: The game is usually played in a campaign format. Each campaign is made up of a set number of chapters, and each chapter is made of a set number of missions. Once a chapter has been selected, the heroes must play all of its missions in sequence to complete it, and once all chapters have been completed, the campaign is over.

Dynamic Difficulty Balancing: The game has 4 different difficulty levels, which set how many points of enemies you fight, based on how many points the party is worth in total. Since all the numbers are in relation to each other, you don’t need to worry about point costs in this game. The cost of heroes is determined automatically, and you should build as large a collection of enemies as available miniatures you have, so that you get the most varied enemy waves as possible.

Opr Quest Release 2

How to Play

Alright, those are the basic concepts, now let’s move on to how to play this game.

Here’s the basic step-by-step on how to start playing:

  1. Download the Core Rules + Campaign Builder, or just the Beginner’s Guide (contains rules + builder).
  2. Go to Army Forge and create 2-4 heroes.
  3. Create a collection of enemies for you to fight.
  4. Click on Start New Mission and you’re ready to play!

All of this process is explained step-by-step once you’re in the app, where you follow a simple tutorial to get started.

Heroes are based off existing armies, so you can make a Saurian hero, or a Ratmen hero, or anything in-between. Once a hero has been created, the app will take care of everything for you (don’t worry about the points value of your hero, it’s not relevant). We’ve also added a „free edit“ option so that you can break the system and do whatever you like (start at any level, modify your gold stash, etc.).

Collections are also based off existing armies, so you can make an enemy collection using any of the models you already own. We recommend putting all of the models you own in your collection from the start, so that then you can use any and all of them during your missions (don’t worry about the points value of your collection, it’s not relevant). This is not just limited to OPR armies, so if you have some cool models you picked up from the Worlds Beyond campaign, they’re all ready to go for AoF: Quest as well.

Playing missions has been made as simple and convenient as possible: select your heroes and collection, pick a difficulty level, and you’re ready to go. Once you start a mission, you can generate enemy waves automatically, or do it manually if you want to fight specific enemies. We’ve also added convenient controls for you to track your stress, wounds, bleeding, status conditions, and consumables. When you’re done, simply click on „complete mission“, and you’ll be able to set how much XP and gold you earned, and then the system will take you through leveling up automatically. It’s all extremely convenient.

We even added a lobby system so that you and your friends can play together on different devices. One of the player simply hosts the game, gives the other players the session code, and they are ready to join. Please note that max. 4 heroes can go on a quest, so you can’t have 100 people join your session.

Playing without the App (Pen & Paper)

If you don’t like using the app to play the game, don’t worry, once you’ve done the initial setup in the app, you can print things out, and play with pen & paper as well.

The app is only mandatory to create your heroes and level them up (due to the way costs are calculated dynamically), but there is no need for the app beyond that if you don’t want to use it.

Once you have created your heroes, you simply select which heroes you want to play with, and can then print them out on paper. For collections, you can either skip making the collections entirely, and just print out the whole army list, or you can create your collection and print it out as well.

The only downside of playing with pen & paper is that you will have to manually pick which enemies are spawned and what their total cost is, and that you will have to manually track the status of each hero (number of wounds taken, which potions they have, etc.).

After a mission has been completed, don’t forget that you need to go on the app to track how much XP each hero has gained, so that you can level them up and unlock new things. To do this, select the hero in the app, and then click on „complete a mission“ to go through the post-mission sequence.

Opr Quest Heroes

Public BETA – What does that mean?

Whilst the game is ready to play, and has gone through a Private BETA period on Patreon before, it is still a little rough around the edges, and we need as big of an audience as possible to stress-test the rules and the app to improve the game.

We expect that the game will be in Public BETA over the next 3-6 months, and during this period there are likely going to be many changes, some of which might be substantial. This means that you might see frequent big changes to how the heroes are built, or missions are played, or how the app is used, and these changes will be made without previous announcement (and might force you to re-make your heroes). Whilst we’re not planning on doing anything too drastic, we don’t want to promise that the game will be very stable during the Public BETA period, so we’d rather set expectations for the worst case scenario than for the best case scenario.

Once the Public BETA period is over, the game will be released as v1.0.0, and will be much more stable, with less frequent updates.

Opr Quest Release 3

Endless Adventure, Same Price

With the launch of AoF: Quest, we are also going to be releasing a bunch of new stuff on Patreon for you to play with.

We are launching with 4 hero minis so that you can get playing straight away, and then we will be releasing 1 new hero mini every month for you to expand your party. On top of that we are releasing our first AoF: Quest narrative campaign, and you will get 1 new campaign chapter every month, as well 1 villain mini to go with the campaign.

The narrative campaign sees you fight the Shadow Stalkers, so each month you can play a new chapter featuring the latest minis we release. The plan is continue releasing campaigns alongside our Patreon armies, and eventually also release campaigns featuring previously released armies. This means that each year, you can expect to get 12 new hero minis, plus 2 narrative campaigns, and their respective villains, and all of this at no additional cost!

That’s right, we are adding a bunch of new content for you, and we are not asking you for any extra money, this treat is on us.

Opr Quest Release 4

What about a Grimdark Future version?

We know that many of our players love the Grimdark Future universe, and are excited about the possibility of a sci-fi version of quest, and of course we will deliver!

The game will be called Grimdark Future: Heroes, and is set to be released in 3-4 months from now, when the game will be much more stable. The game will work the same way, but in a sci-fi setting, just like our other games, so you will have a party of heroes going on missions fighting collections of AI enemies.

This means that you can expect all the same stuff as AoF: Quest – We will be releasing 4 heroes on Patreon when we launch, and then 1 new hero every month, plus a new narrative campaign chapter with a campaign villain to go with it. And yes, all of this will be added to Patreon at no additional fee. 🙂

Opr Quest Release 5

More Plans for the Future

There are tons of additional things we want to do, some of which may never happen, but that we are still very excited about.

We are looking into adding a map generator that will create random maps for you to play, which will make setting up games even easier. We are trying to see if there are ways for us to have a hero-to-battle conversion system, so that you can play with your AoF: Quest heroes in Age of Fantasy or AoF: Skirmish. We are even looking into additional game modes, such as a PvPvE version, where multiple parties compete for objectives whilst fighting off monsters.

This is just the beginning of AoF: Quest, and we are eager to see what amazing things we will do with it in the future!

Launch Sale

To celebrate the launch of Age of Fantasy: Quest, we’re having a sale on all of our digital Fantasy models on our MyMiniFactory store. Now you can get all the heroes and opponents you need to play at an incredible price! The sale lasts until Thursday, June 27th.

*Discount excludes books, PDFs, and digital models exclusive to recent crowdfunding campaigns, such as Secrets of Tixal and Worlds Beyond.

Happy Adventuring!

– OPR Team


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  • Mein erster Gedanke war „brauch ich nicht“ aber jetzt wo ich alle gelesen habe interessiert es mich doch. Könnte eine gute Möglichkeit sein die lieben Kleinen mal wieder einen Schritt tiefer ins Hobby zu holen. Muss ich mir mal genauer anschauen. 🙂

  • Sind die Regeln nur auf englisch.. und gibt es auch separate Modelle dazu?
    Mehr Bilder! Sorry, Facebook ist nicht mein Ding, zu viele negative Erfahrungen.

    • Nur auf Englisch.
      Bisher gibt es nur die vier Helden die man oben auch anschauen kann. Ansonsten kannman sich auch an dem Umfangreichen Fundus von OnePage Minis bedienen. Es soll aber jeden Monat ein weiterer Held und Bösewicht hinzukommen.
      Soweit ich es verstanden habe

    • Offiziell von OPR gibt es nur englische Regeln, da sie sich den Aufwand nicht antun wollen alles up to date zu halten. Das kann ich für die Hauptspiele auch gut verstehen, selbst wenn es an sich nicht so viele Seiten sind. Meist gibt es aber Fan-Übersetzungen für die kostenlosen Regeln.

      Kann mir gut vorstellen, dass es somit die Quest Regeln auf deutsch geben könnte. Da ist es sicherlich nicht schlimm, wenn jedes Update sofort vorliegt. Allerdings bezweifle ich das für die offiziellen Kampagnen, so dass der Mehrwert etwas geringer ausfallen dürfte.

      Wovon genau willst Du mehr Bilder? Geht ja in erster Linie um Regeln und Kampagnen. ^^
      Aber habe noch ein Bild hinzugefügt von gedruckten Helden. Ich mein das gabs gestern noch nicht in der News. Von Facebook ist hier doch gar nicht die Rede?

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