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Northstar: Frostgrave Vorbestellung

Northstar Miniatures starten die Vorbestellung für Figuren für Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies

Das Bundle aus Buch und zwei neuen Monsterpacks kostet 30£, das Buch allein 20£


Get the new Frostgrave book, Mortal Enemies, and the two new packs of monsters in one handy bundle deal.

Contains one book and five monster figures.

Die Bergziege mit Fledermäusen kostet 7£


These over-sized bats live in some of the deep caves inside the Archipelago. About the size of an average house-cat, they are nocturnal hunters that generally shun the light of day. These bats will happily attack a human.

Quite common on some of the larger, more mountainous islands in the Archipelago, mountain goats are not generally aggressive, but when startled or attacked can be fearsome creatures. Mountains goats are nimble climbers and it is rarely possible to escape them by going up. Mountain goats are also generally considered delicious. 

One goat and two bats.

Die Corpse Wranngler & Murder Jack ebenso 7£


Corpse wranglers are not naturally occurring creatures. Instead, they are the result of strange, necromantic magics applied to snakes. As snakes aren’t even that common in the Frozen City, it is not clear where these creatures are coming from, but they are at least easy to recognize. Put simply, corpse wranglers look like two snakes joined together. So, while they share a tail, the body splits about the midpoint leading to two different heads. What is truly loathsome about these creatures is their ability to crawl into a corpse and reanimate it. The snake usually crawls in through the mouth, buries itself in the throat, and then eats through the brain before each head pops out of an eye socket. The effect is basically a zombie with a pair of snakes protruding out of its eyes.
While corpse wranglers have some of the advantages of undead, they do not suffer any of the weaknesses, as they are actually controlled by a living creature. To kill a corpse wrangler, you essentially must batter the corpse to pieces at which point the snake will slither out, and can then be attacked directly.

Bloodcrows are the most common animal seen in the Frozen City, as they have arrived by the thousands to peck away at the dead flesh of corpses both fresh and frozen. For the most part, these birds aren’t dangerous to the living. The exception is when Murderjacks start to appear amongst them. These giant crows, that have a wingspan equal to the height of a tall man, are not only aggressive hunters, but they cause the rest of the murder (a group of crows) to also become aggressive. No one is sure of the origins of these great birds, if they are naturally birthed or the result of the wild magic of the Frozen City. Regardless, when Murderjacks are about, it pays to be cautious.

Pack contains a Corpse Wrangler, an Animated Corpse, a Bloodcrow and a Murderjack.

Auch den Praklicore gibt es für 7£


Developed long ago in the breeding pits beneath the city, the Praklicore was a critical success but a commercial failure. In appearance, it resembles a lion covered in spines like a porcupine. It has a set of ‘wings’, that are useless for flight, but can fling its spines at great distance and with significant force. Just to make matters worse, the spines secret a nasty toxin that is poisonous to most creatures. Combining strength, power, and speed, along with a poisonous ranged weapon, makes these creatures fearsome opponents.It also made them hideous to look at, which hurt their sales.
It is unknown just how many praklicores have survived to the modern day, but they must be breeding in the tunnels beneath the city, for every so often one climbs up out of the dark to hunt.

Der Fledermaus-Schwarm kostet 4£


A swarm of bats, usable for so many different games!

Whether it’s a scary swarm in a horror game, a summoned swarm to attack in a Fantasy game, to accompany Goblin armies in a mass battle game, the possibilities are endless.

Quelle: Northstar Figures


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