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Mierce Miniatures: Anglecynn Battle Host

Diesen Monat reitet die Kavallerie bei Mierce Miniatures auf.

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Anglecynn (Mierce) Ēored Battle Host

It’s yet another monthly battle host from your favourite dark fantasy miniatures range, focussing on the Anglecynn again and the (frankly amazing) duguth cavalry!

Monthly Battle Host

This month’s battle host for the MIERCENARY and SELL-SWORD tiers comprises a mighty horde of horsemen, plus a smattering of beasties to deal with the nastier enemies. There’s four different nobles to command that fantastic cavalry unit, and while the new guthwulfas aren’t yet ready (they will be soon), you’ve got an amazing loyalty reward monster in the shape of Beowald to sink your teeth into.

Led by Eadric, our favourite beer-guzzling chieftain of the Angles, this one will ride swift and deep into your enemy’s flanks!

The Anglecynn (Mierce) Ēored Battle Host contains:

  • Shieldwall Eadric, Thēoden of Mierce on horsa (60x35mm base)
  • Wulfhere, Fanaberend of Mierce on horsa (60x35mm base)
  • Warrior Wulfhere, Ætheling of Mierce on horsa (60x35mm base)
  • Cynemon, Wiḡlere of Tamtun on horsling (50x30mm base)
  • Berenulf Wulfshead & Flēotig, Cempa of Tamtun on horsa (60x35mm base) and gadawulf (50x30mm base)
  • Veteran Riders of Maunsfeld, Duguth Ēored Unit (7x warriors w cmd) (60x35mm bases)
  • Creoda’s Pack, Guthwulf Unit (90x55mm bases)

The latter is not yet ready, unfortunately, but they will be soon – have a look at the work in progress images above to see what you can expect.

Loyalty Reward

If you’ve been a member of the MIERCENARY or  SELL-SWORD tiers for the previous two months (i.e., you’ve been charged  three times consecutively, including the current month), you’ll get an extra miniature with your battle host!

April’s loyalty reward for patrons that have been with us in February, March and April is the fantastic murder-bear, Beowald!

You’ll get:

  • Beowald, Morthorbera (110x60mm base)

If you are a new member, if you stay with us for the next two months you’ll get the previous two loyalty rewards too, in that third month. That way, new Miercenaries are not penalised!


We’ve decided to pop the download links in a separate (patrons only) post to ensure they’re not buried in a wall of text. You can find that post here:

This post is now live.

The links for last month’s host, the Vras (Three-Claw) battle host, has been removed but is still available on our MyMiniFactory store. If you have become a patron during November, you will always be able to redeem the files for this host on MMF.

Supported and Unsupported Files

Our miniatures come in the form of test-printed, supported LYS project files as well as supported and unsupported STL files. Supported files are only offered at the 32mm scale used for our physical miniatures, and are optimised for resin printers, not FDM printers.

Supported by a Professional!

Note that our supports are NOT auto-supports built by a slicing program; they are manually applied to all of these files by our professional print prepper. We can never guarantee they’ll work for everyone, of course, but we’re confident they will!

Who are the Anglecynn?

The Anglecynn are the descendants of the warlike people brought to Bryten by the Romanii in the age of hearth-tales and dragon-fire, when conquests were to be made, pickings were rich and sacrifices in the old gods‘ names reaped their own rewards. Now, beset by ferocious enemies on all sides and irrevocably divided by the new faith of the nailed god, the kingdoms of the Anglecynn – of which wolf-born Mierce, doughty Northumbre and the Eoforas of the east are strongest – must find common cause as they once did if they are to survive the raidings of the Norse, the depradations of the Ysians, the wars with the Brythoniaid in a new age, an age of war and death.

The lands of darkness

The rising power of Mierce troubles more than just its Anglecynn and Seaxan neighbours. In a world beset by racial hatred and ideological strife the unwelcome gaze of the old gods and the attention of their brooding, implacable king in the heart of Angle-land is foolhardy to ignore, for the proud warrior-king of Mierce – Penda the Bloody-Handed, named king-killer and prince-slayer and head-taker – would destroy any who would take the rich lands of the Miercna from the wolfborn. Thus it is that Penda and his armies are abroad, allying with the Brythoniaid or shattering the raids of the Norse, bringing death to the Fomoraic or slaughtering the servants of Kernunnos, for Penda knows that to defend Mierce, he must defend the kingdoms of all Bryten whether they desire it or not.

You can learn more about the Anglecynn on the Mierce Miniatures webstore and in the Lands of Darkness kindred guide!

Next Month…

We hope to bring you some Welshmen in what will hopefully be sunny May, so watch out for the moustachioed marvels then!

Keep it Mierce, Miercenaries!

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