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Infinity: Mai Neuheiten

Corvus Belli zeigen ihre Neuheiten für Infinity im Mai.

Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 1 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 2 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 3 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 4 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 5 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 6 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 7 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 8 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 9 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 10 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 11 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 12 Aleph Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack 13

ALEPH Steel Phalanx Sectorial Pack – 89,95€

The Assault Subsection, more commonly known to the mass media as the Myrmidon Army or “the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH”, was created by the AI as a response to the unstoppable menace of the Combined Army. Forged in the crucible of war, the Steel Phalanx is an unyielding force worthy of the Trojan War’s Epic poems. It is a shock force with a focus on brutal direct assaults, and the chief weapon of ALEPH in its personal feud against its fearsome alien counterpart, the EI.

This box includes 11 miniatures: One Myrmidon with Spitfire, one Myrmidon with Combi Rifle, one Myrmidon with Chain Rifle, one Myrmidon Officer with Boarding Shotgun, one Myrmidon Hacker, one Makhe with Breaker Combi Rifle, one Eudoros with Mk12, one Alkê NCO with Spitfire, one Phoenix with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one Scylla Hacker with her DevaBot Charybdis with Heavy Flamethrower. Without a doubt, this is a truly spectacular box, ideal for starting an Infinity army with eleven incredible models. Steel Phalanx is a tough Sectorial Army without any doubt.

Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 1 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 2 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 3 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 4 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 5 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 6 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 7 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Alpha 8

Reinforcements: Ariadna Pack Alpha – 79,95€

Their feats and achievements are renowned, and those who have fought side by side with them and have witnessed their bravery firsthand are so impressed that they forgive them for being so very Merovingian. They are skilled enough to turn any situation around, no matter how grim things look, so no fight is won or lost until this special reaction team arrives. The Stavka high command knows well that if L’Équipe Argent is deployed close at hand, then there’s always a chance for victory.

This box includes 6 miniatures: One Loup-Garou with Viral Rifle, one Loup-Garou with Boarding Shotgun, one Apache with Chain Rifle, one Briscard with Marksman Rifle, one Briscard with Heavy Rocket Launcher, and one Moblot with Spitfire AP. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Ariadna forces (REF: 281133-1066) when things go wrong.

Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Beta 1 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Beta 2 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Beta 3 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Beta 4 Reinforcements Ariadna Pack Beta 5

Reinforcements: Ariadna Pack Beta – 36,95€

Rumor has it that an Équipe Or is fielded only for black ops ordered by the special operations command or the intelligence service of the Stavka, and it’s said to be staffed for the occasion with the very best members of L’Équipe Argent.

This box includes 3 miniatures: One Wardriver Hacker, one Chasseur with Rifle and one 112. The ideal complement for the Reinforcements of your Ariadna army.

Daemonist Observant 1 Daemonist Observant 2 Daemonist Observant 3 Daemonist Observant 4

Daemonist Observant – 29,95€

Demons do exist. Yes, demons are real, as real as they are dangerous. It is in their very nature to be malevolent, for they are the minions of the Devil, and as such, enemies of humankind and of our Holy Virgin. “And who might the Devil be?” some skeptics may ask. For the Observance, the Devil, or at least the incarnation of the Devil in the Human Sphere, is ALEPH itself and the Daemonists are their reply to such threat.

This box includes 2 miniatures (in a S4 base): An Observant Daemonist with Vulkan Shotgun and his Guardian. A powerful addition to our Bakunin Observance Action Pack.

Atalanta Agemas Nco And Spotbot 1 Atalanta Agemas Nco And Spotbot 2 Atalanta Agemas Nco And Spotbot 3 Atalanta Agemas Nco And Spotbot 4

Atalanta, Agêma’s NCO & Spotbot – 20,95€

Just like all the Agêma, Atalanta was designed to be an excellent shooter, but in her case, her skills surpass the unit’s average. Her incredible aim and skill for calculating distances and compensating for environmental factors such as wind speed or gravitational pull, reinforced by the Spotbot that is always by her side, have turned her into a living legend in the Assault Sub-section.

This box includes 2 miniatures (in a single S2 base): Atalanta with MULTI Sniper Rifle and her TinBot. If you’re looking for an elite marksman in your Steel Phalanx force, don’t think twice, Atalanta is THE choice.

Reinf Nightshades 1 Reinf Nightshades 2 Reinf Nightshades 3 Reinf Nightshades 4

Reinf. Nightshades, Clandestine Action Unit – 19,95€

For all those deserving of their wrath—criminals, crooks, or wrongdoers—those attacks were the work of a truly unstoppable demon. But for upright, honest, innocent folk, it was the work of a lone mysterious hero devoted to the cause of justice, one who walked the path of darkness, lighting a flame in the night, a light of hope where hope was lost.

This box contains a metal miniature of a Nightshade (with Boarding Shotgun) on a thermoplastic base. There is nothing better than being able to count on the support of O-12’s very own „ninja“ to cover your back.

Warcors War Correspondents 1 Warcors War Correspondents 2 Warcors War Correspondents 3 Warcors War Correspondents 4

Warcors, War Correspondents – 14,95€

The War Correspondents, or Warcors, are professional journalists willing to pass through cross-fires to get exclusive news or shocking images.

An addition to any army of the Human Sphere that will give great support thanks to its Flash Pulse.

Infinity ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

Community-Link: O-12 bei Discord

Quelle: Corvus Belli


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