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Horus Heresy: Legion Command

Mit einem neuen Set aus Kunstoff, können in Kürze die Kommandoeinheiten der Space Marine Legionen der fernen Zukunft der Horus Heresy gebaut werden.

Heresy Thursday – Plant Your Flag With New Legion Command

A little-known fact about the Horus Heresy is that it featured a lot of Space Marines. Hundreds of thousands of gene-crafted soldiers were split between loyalty to their all-powerful Emperor and his rebellious but undeniably charismatic Warmaster. In this crisis, entire companies turned to storied champions for leadership, from Praetors to Siege Breakers – but nothing makes a veteran leader really look the part more than an elite retinue of bodyguards and bannermen.

The Command Squads of the Legiones Astartes pair frontline commanders with an entourage of highly disciplined warriors, raising their Legion’s colours high as they clash with opposing forces – the last flag flying is always the winner.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Plant Your Flag With New Legion Command 1

The Legion Command Upgrade Set is a new plastic frame with 27 upgrades, perfect for fitting out your Command Squads with all the extra pomp and pizazz they so clearly deserve. On top of all the plastic bits, you’ll also get a new Legion Command transfer sheet in the box, which includes 463 decals.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Plant Your Flag With New Legion Command 2

You’ll score five combat shields and five regular power swords, two alternative power swords – one sheathed, the other gripped in a bionic arm with an empty sheathe – and a bolt pistol, plus numerous arms and hands to put them all to work. The kit also contains four artificer pauldrons, a helmet under one arm, and 11 heads – three bare and eight in fancy helmets.

What really sets a Command Squad apart from any other collection of exemplary Veterans is the detailed Legion standard they hold aloft. This kit includes options for a large hanging tapestry or a more compact standard, with four interchangeable icons themed around Loyalist or Traitor Legions.

This upgrade set is compatible with both Legion MKIII and MKVI Tactical Squads. For those who urgently need a gang of appropriately armoured heavies to stand by their characters and look menacing, you’ll also be able to pick up Legion Command Squads ready to go, in different boxes for either armour mark.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Plant Your Flag With New Legion Command 3

Each will contain one sprue of five Tactical Space Marines, the standard Tactical Squad accessory sprue featuring bayonets, a power sword, plasma pistol, and a power fist or lightning claw, as well as the new Legion Command Upgrade frame and transfer sheet.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Plant Your Flag With New Legion Command 4

All three of these sets are plastic and will be available to pre-order later in the year, giving you plenty of opportunities to pair your finest Praetors with their very own Legion Command Squad. The new rules in The Battle for Beta-Garmon even allow you to pair up Centurions and Consuls with a Company Command Squad using the same set – let no leader walk alone!

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  • Netter Upgrade-Gußrahmen, passt aber irgendwie so gar nicht zu meiner Raven Guard. Hätte lieber nen Gußrahmen für Nahkampfwaffen, die Upgrades aus Forgeworld-Resin sind einfach zu teuer.

  • Für sich genommen sehr cool, vor allem dass das Upgrade in Plastik kommt. Aber man fragt sich auch mal wieder warum das Despoiler-Upgrade in Resin sein musste oder warum es noch immer kein Breacher-Upgrade gibt und warum überhaupt einen Rahmen den man eigtl nur 1 mal braucht in Plastik?

  • Verstehe ich das richtig? Es gibt einmal den Upgrade Rahmen einzeln, einmal eine Box mit MK III und einmal mit MK VI Rüstungen?
    Zur MK VI passt es leider so gar nicht… Aber klar sollte nach Möglichkeit „multifunktional“ sein.
    Vielleicht kommen ja irgendwann MK IV (upscale) und MK V in Plastik raus.
    Aber ich freue mich über jedes Plastik, das kein Resin mehr ist.
    Naja bis ich über die Planung raus bin und endlich anfange gibt es neue Heresy Marine mit neuem Maßstab 😂😂😂

  • Nette Idee und besser als die Upgrade-Sachen aus Resin wird es allemal sein. Mal schauen, was das Set am Ende kosten soll. Und klar, Legionsspezifisch ist es jetzt nicht, aber das war ja zu erwarten.

  • Also für den Anfang ja schon mal ganz gut.👍 Jetzt fehlen wie bereits auch schon erwähnt spezielle Nahkampfwaffen u.s.w.😊

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