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Wyrd Games: Stab-it Rabbit Wyrd 2024 Easter Sale

In Ihrem Blog zeigen Wyrd Games ihren Easter-Sale.


Heya Wyrdos,

The Wyrd Easter Sales event is upon us! For those new to the community or are unfamiliar with the Wyrd Sales events it is a fantastic time to get Limited Edition models, and some free goodies in the process!


Until Thursday, April 4th you’ll be able to pick up some limited-edition boxes and models. Pick up the Skeleton King and his ghastly courtiers, set sail with Mary Bonnet and the Brine and Bones Crew, or Delve into the Deepest Depths with Adi Adara!


But that’s not all. This year, we’ve got a model eager to hop into your Ten Thunders crews! The Stab-it Rabbit is yours free after spending $100!

We’ve got quite the selection available for this sales event (including a new alternate of Alphonse LeBlanc, which some of you might’ve spotted at AdeptiCon!), so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find a model that fits perfectly into your crews.


And if that’s not enough, for every additional $100 you spend, you’ll be able to pick a free alt model! Some of our favorites are listed below, but you can check them out in the webstore too; the alts will be available for purchase on their own as well!


Now for some less exciting news: We want to inform our valued community of a recent hiccup that has impacted our shipping schedule. Due to a printing mishap, thankfully identified before our March shipments were dispatched, the release of some of our much-anticipated box sets (Noxious Atmosphere, Prey Slain, and Bloodletting) will now be postponed to April. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

That’s all this week Wyrdos. What LE models are you planning to pick up?

Quelle: Wyrd Games


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