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Cyberpunk Red Combat Zone: Edgerunners Vorbestellung

Monster Fight Club präsentieren ein neues Combat Zone Spiel: Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Die Vorbestellung startet am 16. April und ein Gewinnspiel für eine Miniatur gibt es auch.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 2

Preoders starting April 16th

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In the 2070s, cyber-enhanced Edgerunners ply their trade in the long shadows cast by corporations like Arasaka. Their stories are uncountable, each unique, but somehow all the same. A kid with few prospects, great loss, and the chrome glimmer of hope. Can you lead these Edgerunners to fortune, or will Arasaka see them die legends instead?

​Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone is an officially licensed skirmish game bringing the hit CD Projekt Red and Netflix series, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, to your Combat Zone tabletop!

Cyberpunkedgerunners 3

Win a free „The Moment“ Miniature

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Each week from now until the launch of the product’s campaign, Monster Fight Club will randomly choose one winner to receive a free copy of The Moment collectible miniature. The sooner you sign up, the more chances you have to win. (See complete terms below.) Sign Up Link

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It’s never been easier to play tabletop combat!

Combat Zone features the fast-paced [RE]action game engine where players can act and react in organic, free-flowing actions. No rounds, no phases provide a fast and cinematic experience. As your characters take hits and get wounded, their abilities degrade – so strike hard and strike fast!

Cyberpunkedgerunners 5

Combat Zone leaves the traditional rulers and tape measure behind and introduces a new “Limiter” based movement and range system, where your characters’ attacks and movement depend on the quality of their actions. Choose your actions wisely, Green, Yellow, and Red Actions all have different chances to succeed!

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone comes with a 22″ x 30″ game board, incredible 3D Night City ruins terrain, cards, dice, tokens, rulebooks, and acrylic standees. Everything including the standees and terrain are stunning full color allowing you to begin playing your games immediately with a rich, immersive experience!

Cyberpunkedgerunners 06

The game includes two complete gangs: Santo Domingo Edgerunners and Arasaka Corporation with beautifully rendered full-color Standupz™, tokens, limiters, dice, modular terrain, double-sided 22″ x 30″ game board, character cards, gear, and programs. Both factions have enough gangers to build multiple, diverse rosters so that you can field a different type of force from game to game.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 07
Santo Domingo Edgerunners

It’s about time you chromed up, choom. Whether it’s speed, firepower, or a nova netrunner you’re looking for, this crew’s got it. From the streets of Night City, these legends aren’t afraid to stick it to the corps. Just make sure their eddies are waiting when the job’s done.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 08
Arasaka Corporation

The Arasaka Corporation employs some of the deadliest strike forces the world will ever know. Even their boardroom suits have a few tricks up their sleeves. Atop these hired soldiers and killers stands Adam Smasher. With a cyber-monstrosity like him at your disposal, there’s no Arasaka interest you can’t protect.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 09

Upgrade your Standupz™ to masterfully sculpted 3D miniatures!

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone includes 24 vibrant, full-color acrylic Standupz™. For the hobbyists and collectors who want to take battles in the combat zone to the next level, we offer a complete range of stunning 3d miniatures. These models are meticulously sculpted to accurately capture each character from the series.


Don’t just stand there, [RE]ACT!

The [RE]action System – An Introduction

​Characters have green, yellow, and red actions. Depending on what color action you’re taking, you’ll roll a different size die or move a different distance. As characters take wounds, their actions turn red – and the red action dice is only six-sided!

​When characters are wounded, they don’t just stand there and take it – they [Re]act! Counterattack, dodge, or use one of their special abilities. You don’t last long in the Combat Zone if you just stand around getting shot!

Cyberpunkedgerunners 10


Each character in Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone has a character card with their skills, abilities, and gear. Some characters are fearsome fighters, some are technical geniuses, and others are brilliant leaders.

The characters‘ cards are the core of the Reaction system: they tell you how many actions that character has available, what their skills are, and what special abilities or gear they have.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 11

The Limiter

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone uses a unique measuring system: the Limiter. The Limiter is divided into three areas, matching the three colors of the action dice. When you’re taking movement actions, you can move along the color of the action you took. So if you use a valuable green action to move, you’ll be able to sprint much farther across the board than you could with a red action. Flip a GREEN action? Move a GREEN distance! Now that’s moving!

The Limiter is also used to measure the ranges of all your actions and attacks. Each action has a range pictured above the effect: your target must be within that range. Some actions, like firing a sniper rifle or rocket launcher, may require your target to be „beyond the limit“ – meaning they can’t be closer than the length of the limiter.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 12


When a character takes an action, they roll the color die that matches the action they just used: taking a green action? Roll a twelve-sided Green Die. Taking a yellow action? Roll an eight-sided yellow die. The higher your roll, the greater your chance of your action succeeding (plus every roll has a chance of a Critical Success or Failure).

After rolling, they add their skills to their dice rolls. So the higher their skill, the more chance they have of success when taking an action that uses that skill.

When you take Actions, you’re often targeting a rival – and they have something to say about it. You add your Skill to your dice roll, but your target also rolls a die and adds their skill. An Action is successful when your dice roll beats your target’s result. Not all actions are attacks, but successful attacks wound their target, turning one of the target’s actions red.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 13


But it doesn’t stop there – If your action successfully wounds your target, your target will have a chance to React, if they have any unspent actions. You can react and counterattack, dart away, or use one of their special abilities. If they counterattack, they must target the rival that wounded them. Moving away after being wounded may prevent you from being wounded again before that character can act.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 14

Control of the Battle

At any given time, one player has Control of the battle. The character with Contol of the battle is the one who is currently taking actions with one of their characters. You lose control when your active character runs out of Actions. Characters can try to activate other friendly characters. When your rival has control of the battle, you can attempt to take control with a [RE}action!

This creates fast-paced back and forth gameplay, where control of the game passes back and forth, without getting bogged down in phases, upkeep, and accounting.

Cyberpunkedgerunners 15

Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

The Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone 2-Player Starter includes everything you need to play your games, including:

Combat Zone Rulebook
Edgerunners Scenario Book
24 Full-color Acrylic Standees
Fold-out 22×30″ Gameboard
3D Night City Ruins Terrain
Arasaka and Edgerunner Character Cards
Program, Gear, and Loot Decks
A complete [RE]action token set.
2 sets of [RE]action dice and Limiters.
FREE The Moment art print, available only with preorder.


Über den Monster Fight Club News Blog könnt ihr noch einzelne Einträge zu den Charakteren lesen. Hier noch eine kleine Auswahl an Charakteren:

Adam Smasher 900x Kiwi 900x Lucy 900x Pilar 900x Rebecca 900x David Youth 900x

Quelle: Monster Fight Club, MFC News Blog


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  • Noch ein CP Spiel? Auf Facebook taucht seit einigen Tagen auch Werbung für ein neues Spiel im CP Universum als Crowdfounder via Gamefound auf… Das ist aber keine Neuauflage vom Cmon Spiel… Wieviele Brettspiele kommen da noch? 🙂

    • Ja gut, das scheint wirklich explizit ein Brettspiel zu werden, auch wenn da ein paar schicke Minis dabei sind. Cyberpunk als IP scheint momentan recht beliebt.

      Das Combat Zone hier ist ja definitiv als Tabletop Skirmisher ausgelegt. Ich finde das Eine schließt das Andere nicht aus.

    • Bin nicht auf FB aber ich weiß, dass es ein explizites CMON Brettspiel zu Cyberpunk Namens Gangs of Nightrcity gibt, dass inzwischen durchaus regulär im Handel auftauchen könnte, der KS ist glaube ich lange genug her. Aber wie mein Vorredner schon feststellte, ist das hier ein dediziertes Skirmish Wargame wofür es offenbar eine separate Lizenz gab. Was natürlich auch an der Hintergrund differenzierung liegen könte. Das Brettpiel basiert glaube ich mehr auf dem eigentlichen Videospiel, bzw. einem Teilaskpekt. Das Hier stellt ja sehr auf die Edgerunner Serie ab, was sicherlich eine eigene Lizenz ist. Man muss die Kuh ja an jede einzelne Zitze melken 😉
      Das auf Gamefound wiederum ist glaube ich das vor ein, zwei Jahren angekündigte wo CDPR und Go On Board das PC Videospiel sehr direkt umsetzen. War meiner Meinung nach als Kooperatives ausgekündigt, aber bin nicht mehr ganz sicher.

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