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Monster Fight Club: Cyberpunk Arasaka White Division

Monster Fight Club präsentieren News zu Cyberpunk Edgerunners und der Vorbestellung ihrer Arasaka White Division.

WhiteDivision Arasaka V2 1080x Team White Division No Gonk 480x480

Arasaka White Division

The Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone pre-order is still live and an amazing success. But we thought we wouldn’t stop there. It’s time to double down and expand the Collector’s Edition with even more gameplay content!

Each week, until the end of the pre-orders on May 15th, we will reveal a new gameplay upgrade that is exclusive to the Collector’s Edition. The upgrades will provide you with new options designed to increase variety and replayability of your games. So far, we have added the Universal 2070 Gear cards to the Collector’s Edition, and this week, we have another exciting addition.

Our second upgrade is alternate Arasaka gang cards: White Division. The White Division agents work directly for various CEOs and other power players within Arasaka Corp as security and to perform special assignments. To that purpose, they bring a variety of themed abilities and skills to the table to help them achieve their vital missions.

The White Division are designed to pair well with Tanaka as your Leader, but any Arasaka Leader can use them. Each card includes a new name and special ability, adjusted points totals (in some cases), and, of course, White Division comes with Veteran versions. These alternate profiles also address some feedback we’ve received from purchasers of the Collector’s Edition who will have duplicate models that they can only play as singles (like Specialists and Leaders).

These are alternate cards, NOT replacement cards. Existing Arasaka character versions are still legal and can even be played alongside these versions. These Character cards represent specialized versions of Arasaka Characters (using the same model). If you run these alongside the original cards, you do need to provide them with some sort of alternate paint scheme or other designator so you and your opponent can tell them apart.

Pre-order the Collector’s Edition to receive the White Division upgrade:

13 alternative Arasaka character cards themed around Leader assistance, enhancement, and security.
Basic and Veteran versions of each White Division character.
New special abilities to supplement the existing Arasaka gang.


For Our International Chooms

We understand that shipping costs outside of North America can be a concern. Rest assured, we’re actively exploring ways to lower these costs for our international supporters. As soon as we have a solution in place, we’ll update our blog and send out an email to keep you informed. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to make our products more accessible worldwide.

Pre-order now! Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

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3rd Week Drops 1080x

Objective decks & Arasaka White Division StandUpz™

Our next additions to the pre-order Collectors Edition are a set of 6 Arasaka White Division acrylic StandUpz™ and alternate Objective decks.

The first objective deck is „Corpo R&D“, which is themed around Tanaka. Any faction and Leader can use the deck to represent their work for a Corporate overlord. The other two decks are „No Holding Back“ (themed for David) and „Only Way I Operate“ (for Maine). These Objective decks are themed towards running a crew on the mean streets of Night City.

Lastly, these decks come with a replacement card for the new „Wounded Leader.“ These cards alter the penalty for having your Leader ‘taken out’ in thematic ways. For instance, if your Corpo R&D leader gets taken out, they’ll be Censured by their corp. This reduces their effective Influence until they win a game.

So snag that Collectors Edition before May 15th, as these new Objective decks add a variety to choose from to really mix things up in your Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone games.

Pre-order now! Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Combat Zone

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  • Hmm bin ja absolut kein Freund von diesem Pre-Order exklusivem alternativem Zeug, wenn das nicht auf anderem wege (als pdf oder app oder whatever) verfügbar gemacht wird ist das immer direkt nen Ausschlusskriterium um mal mit dem spiel anzufangen… ist zwar auf Grund der Verfügbarkeit aktuell eh kein Thema, aber wenn sich das mal ändert würde mich das absolut ausbremsen und abhalten… aber hey, Fomo sells -.-„

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