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Coral Kingdom: 5e RPG Mermaid Booklet

Sigurd hat eine schöne kleine Erweiterung für D&D 5e gebaut und uns gebeten, Euch darauf aufmerksam zu machen.

Welcome to „Coral Kingdom“

a RPG Mermaid Faction Booklet

Beneath the shimmering surface of the ocean lies a world teeming with life and wonder— a world few have the privilege to explore. In my project, I invite you to dive deep into the depths and discover the secrets of the mermaid tribe that calls the Coral Kingdom home.

Coral Kingdom RPG Mermaid Faction Booklet 1

My booklet is more than just a collection of pages—it’s a portal to an enchanting realm filled with adventure, mystery, and magic. Delve into the rich backstory of the mermaid faction, learn about their customs, traditions, and way of life. Uncover the intricate social connections and hierarchy that govern their society, from the wise and revered Queen Natsumi to the courageous Champion Ayumi and the spirited young mermaid Yuna.

But that’s not all—my booklet is packed with hand-made illustrations that bring the Coral Kingdom to life in vivid detail. Dive into the depths of creativity with 5e statblocks, random tables for all sorts of underwater encounters, and a myriad of quest hooks to inspire your own adventures.

The book is already done and ready to print. Help to get this project printed and bring the Coral Kingdom to tabletops around the world. Thank you for your support!

Let’s make waves together!

Coral Kingdom RPG Mermaid Faction Booklet 2

Inside the booklet, you’ll find lore detailing the mermaid tribe’s customs and social hierarchy. Dive into stunning hand-made illustrations that bring the Coral Kingdom to life, alongside 5e statblocks for key characters and creatures. With random tables for underwater encounters and quest hooks.

What you will get

  • 20 Pages
  • Size A4 
  • Magazine Style
  • Handmade Illustrations 
  • Mermaid Faction Lore 
  • 5e Statblocks 
  • Random Tables
  • Language: English

Coral Kingdom RPG Mermaid Faction Booklet 3

Epic Jim @EpicJim

„First and foremost, I loved all the art! The colors are perfect and bring a real tropical vibe to the whole thing. The write-ups were short and sweet. Awesome for DMs! Huge fan of the roll charts! Those need to be in all D&D booklets! I’ve never seen a D&D booklet just focus on mermaids before either, so I think you have something special and unique with this!“

Bill making stuff @BillMakingStuff

„If you like beautiful art, amazing world building and have a thing for mermaids… this is the book for you.“

Jo Levin – Encounterterrain

“The books artwork is amazing, the water colour design matches the mermaid theme perfectly. If you are into rpgs and mermaids, this has such a perfect blend of artwork, themes and ideas all in one place.”

Dan Does @Dan_Does

„Beautiful artwork with a dream-like pallette“

Coral Kingdom RPG Mermaid Faction Booklet 4


Countries & Costs

As this is my first Kickstarter I only ship to the following countries.

  • Germany (+3 €)
  • EU (+5 €)
  • UK (+5 €)
  • USA (+6 €)
  • Canada (+6 €)

Coral Kingdom RPG Mermaid Faction Booklet 5

I’m thrilled to share that all the ideas and concepts behind this booklet are my own. While English isn’t my native language, ChatGPT was invaluable in helping me refine and articulate the text for readability.

Additionally, I personally handled the illustrations and layout design, ensuring that every aspect of the Coral Kingdom reflects my vision and passion. Creating the Coral Kingdom has been a labor of love, and I’m thrilled to bring this unique and enchanting world to life.

Coral Kingdom RPG Mermaid Faction Booklet 6

Sigurd – Weltenbauer Club

I began playing tabletop RPGs and wargames as a child, playing Battletech, Space Quest, Shadowrun, and the popular German Fantasy RPG, Das Schwarze Auge (The Black Eye).
As a young adult, I briefly turned away from tabletop gaming to focus on graffiti and street art, which led to a career in the fine arts and graphic design.
When the Covid-19 pandemic began, I returned to my love of tabletop gaming and started the Youtube channel Weltenbauer.Club, which focuses on tabletop crafting for RPGs and wargames.
I have always strived to create unique graphic art, and pushes against mainstream perceptions to stand out in the graphic and commercial art fields.

To stay updated on future projects and behind-the-scenes content, be sure to follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and visit my website. Your support means the world to me, and I can’t wait to share more adventures with you in the future!

Die Kampagne läuft noch 27 Tage.

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