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Carnevale: Neuheiten

TTCombat haben ihre Neuheiten für Carnevale vorgestellt.

Carnevale Neuheiten 01 Carnevale Neuheiten 02

Citizens of Venice, today you are blessed with the most gracious of gifts! The good Doctors of our great city have delved the depths of the Ospedale to birth creations beyond your wildest daydreams. Sadly this joyous day of wonders has been soiled by the followers of the false god Dagon and his tentacle wielding, teeth baring, temper flaring abominations!
La Grazia Industrial Works
The Doctors of the Opsedale are always tinkering and experimenting. Whether that’s on live subjects or on machinery, the future of technology lies with them. As the turn of the 19th Century looms, the Doctors are going to drag Venice into an age of technological enlightenment, willingly or not. As the status of La Serenissima as the pinnacle of technological innovation continues to improve, the Doctors at the centre of the movement strive forwards towards further gains. The world is ready for a new age of technology and the Opsedale hope to be the ones to lead it.
The Hydra Beckons
The influence of Mother Hydra has spread throughout Venice, her alliance with Dagon, as fractitious as it is, has yielded great results. Together they slowly push the boundaries of our reality, hoping for a complete breakthrough. Led by a mighty Mature Kraken, this beast is the payoff for nurturing Infant Krakens that gorge themselves on the people of Venice. Using strong tentacles, it pulls unsuspecting prey into the depths. A Half-Breed is the result of an octopus-human hybrid that has gone drastically wrong (or right). Using a combination of tentacles and arms they batter their foes and drag them to their doom. An Aglaope acts as a swift support piece that utilises the Mage ability whilst the Sirena has adapted to Venice, her appearance mimicking that of a Barnabotti- all the better to lure out prey into the open.
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  • Den Kraken find ich richtig toll.
    Leider gefallen mir die Sirene und die Aglaope deutlich weniger als die bereits veröffentlichten Versionen, die wären also ungeliebter Beifang. Der Kalmar-Mann ist dafür gab cool.

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