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OnePageRules: März News und Vorschau #4

OnePageRules zeigen Neuigkeiten und Vorschau zu neuen Modellen.

Opr01 Banner Opr02VU Champion Steed Opr03VU Werewolf Hero Opr04VU Skeleton Knights Opr05VU Werewolves Opr06stitched Butchers 2 Opr07VU Zombie Dragon Opr08HEF Dragon Noble Opr09HEF Scorpion Noble Opr10HEF Dragons Opr11HEF Scorpions Opr12hef Tank Opr13VU Loyalty Draft 3

March News & Previews #4

Onepagerules Games (14)

A new version of the Age of Fantasy: Quest Beta is now available to Tier 1 and higher Patrons! This updates the Core Rules and Campaign Generator for Age of Fantasy: Quest, our upcoming Solo and Coop adventure game! You’ll also get a sneak peak at our new page layout style, coming soon to all of our games!

Note, because character and enemy creation is being moved to Army Forge, those parts of the game are not included in the new preview, but we hope to make those available soon.

Opr15painting Contest Voting

The submissions are in, and now it’s time to vote for your favorites!

See all entries here:

Solo – https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z3TknvAJ7UTegrYb9

Unit – https://photos.app.goo.gl/vjJ7pTF316YfUDsG9

Legend – https://photos.app.goo.gl/px9Bydzx8UE9eswD7

Vote here: https://forms.gle/r8q2kxUoqzNFWTt38

Good luck to all the participants, and may the best ones win. 😀

Opr16onepagerules Games (10)

On the last week of every month, we’re running an OPR Hangout stream over on YouTube, where we showcase upcoming releases, sneak peeks at future content, and have a Q&A session for you to get involved. This is a relaxed stream, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our creation process whilst chatting a bit and having some fun.

The next stream is going to be on March 28th at 20:00 GMT / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST.

Subscribe to get notified: https://www.youtube.com/@onepagerules

Send in your questions here: https://forms.gle/neYJ4yxn6yFbCzMY7

Opr17 Intext HEF Scorpion Noble

At the top of the post, you’ll find concept art previews of some of our models releasing in May.

In May the Vampiric Undead let loose the dogs of war with the Werewolf Champion and Werewolves unit. Their massive Claws rend through armor like butter. More Zombies rise from the grave with May’s Legendary Model, the Lord with Stitched Horde. But they’re not the only abominations of flesh. The heavy built Stitched Butchers also lumber from the ground, and the Zombie Dragon soars in from the sky, breathing death on those still living. The Skeleton Knights ready their lances and charge in with the Skeleton Commander on Skeletal Steed. Equipped with only the best armor for horse and ridder alike, they’re a swift and unstoppable force.

Also in May the High Elf Fleets turn up the heat with the Scorchers and Noble Scorcher. Adept in all things burning, the scorchers excel at being Anti-tank with their armor melting Fusion Rifles. When equipped with Heavy Flamers, they roast off hordes of enemies instead. The Stingers and Stinger Noble like to sneak close to their enemies to deliver swift and accurate strikes from their Stinger Blades, each strike injecting toxins that guarantee they fell their prey. The Anti-Gravity Tank is how the High Elf Fleets transport massive weapons of destruction swiftly around the battle. With many heavy and super heavy weapons to choose from it can be customized to take down any target.

That’s it for now, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team

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