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Carnevale: Neuheiten

TTCombat werden neue Figuren für Carnevale veröffentlichen.

TTCombatCarnevaleTravo2 TtCombatCarnevaleTravo

This week we have a new Carnevale Miniatures Game complete gang heading to our website! In the box you’ll find a leader, two heroes, and the two new henchmen shown below. The Targoveti are Vlad’s human foot soldiers that are capable fighters hoping to earn the vampiric gift. We’ll reveal this new boxes heroes tomorrow….

You’ve seen the henchmen, now meet the heroes! Well in title only, they are rather a nasty pair actually. Vlad’s personal Impaler has traveled to Venice to fuel his blood thirst and satisfy his master’s need for poking people in the bottom with large sticks. Accompanying this brute is the elegant Spătar whose beauty is undeniable, as is her deadliness. Scores of foes have been cut down by the royal blade she wields before having their heads caved in by her foul mace. Maybe she just needs a hug to cheer her up?
If you think this pair are bad, you should meet their leader!
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