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Bushido: Shiho Neuheiten

GCT Studios zeigen mi5 den Ryoshi neue Bogenschützen .

GCTStudiosRyoshi3 GCTStudiosRyoshi1 GCTStudiosRyoshi2

Like all good wolves, the Ryoshi sworn to the Tanaka hunt in packs. The strict hierarchy of the clan means they do not fight with their samurai lords but in a group of their own. Even with their long bows, they like to act together to fire simultaneously at the same target.
Rejoice, Wolf players! We said wolves would continue to receive new models as part of the regular Shiho releases; well, here are the first ones. The low model cost gives new options for Open Rebellion and Shiho lists. Combined with ranged weapons, the Group Trait will give opponents something to worry about as they can shoot twice, and enemy models cannot react between the two shots. The Tanaka family also has Endurance, so they will always have enough defence dice, even when exhausted.


Redakteur von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Armalion. Aktuelle Systeme: Freebooter's Fate(Alle Fraktionen), Bushido(Ito, Ryu, Ro-Kan),Moonstone, Summoners (Feuer, Luft), Deadzone, ASoIaF(Nachtwache, Targaryen), Dropfleet Commander(UCM, Scourge), Warmaster(Zwerge, Echsen), Eden(ISC, Resistance), KoW: Armada(Basilean, Ork) u.v.m

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