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Black Site Studios: Breacher Preorder und Bundles

Wie bereits vor ein paar Tagen berichtet, bringen Black Site Studios mit Breacher ein neues Modern Warfare Tabletopspiel raus. Dazu hier weitere Details:

00breacher 01breacher

BREACHER IS LIVE! Link in the comments
We are so excited to kick off our 2024 game line up with Breacher by Matt Burns.
Head on over to the Backroom launch page to check out all the tiers, products and terrain bundles.
We cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support Breacher has received so far! We’ve continued to knock off a ton of stretch goals.
We are currently SUPER close to the big 25k goal, which is Solo rules! 🙂



Sarie is a unique sub-agency that operates mostly in the Middle East and northern Africa. Breachers within Sarie gravitate toward Operations that see them fighting both political and religious extremists and this can bring them to operate outside of their normal geographic preferences. Sarie Breachers often consult for small Unit missions or direct confrontations in hostile areas. Sarie Breachers do not operate with the same level of destruction as CORE Breachers, believing that they need to maintain the local infrastructure for the people who are inevitably caught up in conflicts. Sarie also offers the most diverse mix of combat expertise among its members.
Think you’d want to go up against a Sarie Breacher?




CORE as a sub-agency focuses on the use of heavy weapons and heavy armor. Operations that are usually undertaken by CORE Breachers often involve open hostilities or direct warfare between two or more countries or groups. Not known for their subtlety, CORE strategy involves dominating and controlling the A.O. through heavy firepower and usually a high level of property damage. Unsurprisingly, Core Breachers are known for their use of explosives and demolitions.


Wolf Pack is a fairly small sub-agency, usually maintaining between 20 and 30 members. Known for their brutality, members of the Wolf Pack are willing to take on the most brutal and questionable Operations on offer. Because of the nature of these Operations, the Wolf Pack brings in the highest earnings within the TBP while also being the smallest. Breachers within this sub-agency are usually unconcerned with collateral damage and while not against entering an A.O. with a single Breacher, they usually work in pairs.


05breacher 06breacher


Did you know we did two terrain bundles for the Breacher launch? This is a really good time to get in on a bundle deal and grab some savings!
Breacher is available until Feb 9th!
Quelle: Black Site Studios auf Facebook und Breacher Pre-Order Seite

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