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Black Crab Miniatures: The Homunculi Kickstarter

Andrew May hat wieder einen Kickstarter mit knuffigen Metallminis gestartet.

Two new sets of diminutive miniatures for painters, collectors and tabletop gamers.

Black Crab Miniatures The Homunculi 1

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to tell you that Moritz and I are back and have created two new sets of the ever popular Homunculi miniatures. Each swarm of hapless little creations features 10 miniatures to add to your Black Crab collection. I have loved sculpting and painting these minis, check them out below.

Black Crab Miniatures The Homunculi 2 Black Crab Miniatures The Homunculi 3 Black Crab Miniatures The Homunculi 4

The first group are Thralls of the Necromancer, 10 small assistants for any budding practitioner of the dark arts.

Black Crab Miniatures The Homunculi 5 Black Crab Miniatures The Homunculi 6 Black Crab Miniatures The Homunculi 7

Secondly we have The Knight’s Retainers created to fulfil the thankless tasks below even the lowliest squire.


So, just what are these sad servants? From the Quill of Moritz, the artist behind the world of Black Crab:

Homunculi (plural), Homuncel (singular)
„Artificial human“

Every Wizard, Witch, Warlock, Knight, Necromancer or pathetic noble needs a trusted servant. Sadly, human (and less than human) beings tend to be rather unreliable. So why not creating an artificial servant, so thought a business-minded alchemist. A mixture of mud, straw, and scraps from the workshop, some puppet clothing pilfered from his daughter, and some very secretive laboratory doings…et Voilà…the first homuncel was born. With sad irony, as tends to happen, the formula escaped his
laboratory (whether via unscrupulous human assistants or otherwise), alchemists all over the land started to produce these tiny creatures to sell to everyone who refused to toil at menial tasks, sweep the house or wash pans themselves anymore. With all those imitations and many unscrupulous alchemists of dubious skill and still worse – nefarious magicians involved, the quality of these artificial creatures tends to vary somewhat. Some are loyal servitors while others can’t be trusted and are an unruly nuisance at best to be around.

Some Homunculi whether sad at their lot, simply mischievous, merely defective or orphaned by the the death of or abandonment by their master will wander off and often form little ragtag gangs. Such congregations can be found seemingly lost and wandering town and country, sheltering in basements, quiet places and churchyards, performing „helpful“ tasks, looking for a new master or even committing acts of malign intent.

Our two new sets represent such haphazard tribes. One, a throng of less than wholesome necromancer’s servants. cobbled together from grave dirt, shrouds, wax and ichor, bound by black magic along with alchemical rites. An unhappy swarm, wanting the quiet unlife of a leafy graveyard rather than the toil of the magician’s lair.

The other, a sad troop of retainers fashioned by well intentioned alchemists to lighten the load of the more overburdened and pathetic knights of the land. Although they want to be cheery and faithful there are always swords to polish and loads to bear along with the risk of being smashed in the fray of battle, surely there is a village they could retire to to wash pots and sweep, away from the the clamour of combat…

The Miniatures

These miniatures are single piece metal castings. Miniatures are supplied unpainted, with plastic bases. Due to their hand sculpted nature, I am offering physical castings only, no STLs exist. I will not be including stretch goals etc, I always aim to keep my campaigns honest, on time and manageable.



Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 6 Tage.

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