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Anvil Digital Forge: Sci-Fi Gangers

Diesen Monat gibt es bei Anvil Digital Forge Bandenmitglieder.

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 1 0 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 1 1 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 1 2 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 1 3 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 1 4 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 2 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 3 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 4 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 5 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 6 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 7 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 8 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 9 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 10 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 11 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 12 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 13 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 14 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 15

May’s Sci-Fi Gangers – Everything You Get!

Hello Backers

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the plunder of the Astral sea, or equipping your house infantry with laser swords, and wondering exactly what’s coming in next month’s release! Well, wonder no more! Josh brings his A-game for May’s…

Sci-FI Gangers

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 16 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 17

Starting out strong, we’ve got 24 ganger heads to choose from, each one absolutely covered in Multi-Shell options, featuring dozens of 80s punk hairstyles, masks, goggles, piercings, and more! And that’s not even mentioning the characterful faces and expressions, too!

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 18 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 19

Alongside the heads, you’re getting torsos and some integrated (but shelled) bodies! Gang jackets, scrap armour, chains, rhinestones, and spikes give each a unique style. The long coats that the three bodies are sporting, are able to have other legs swapped in should you wish!

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 20 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 21

The legs of our gangers are a mix between some classic 80s punk-wear, and more industrial (yet still stylish) hard-wearing trousers and boots. The usual kneeling legs have been swapped out for some even more dynamic legs this month, as Josh just couldn’t let the opportunity slide! The legs come with optional pockets, rips and tears, straps, chains, pouches and bespiked kneepads!

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 22 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 23

Just like the legs, the ganger arms are a mix of punk aesthetic, and industrial worker that gives a rag-tag, motley assortment vibe to your gang. Removable stocks, gloves, spikes make up your multi-shell options here, giving you the option of pistol-grip style rifle arms, and open wrist joints, designed for our melee and pistol weapons

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 24 ADF Sci Fi Gangers 25

Your standard ganger’s weapons feature a boxy automatic rifle and pistol, perfect to represent some cheap, mass-produced, but effective firearms that are available to the common citizen through black-market means. Their melee weaponry is even more rough and ready, featuring kitchen knives, a chain whip, lead pipe, and a basic fragmentation grenade, as well as some industrial tools, repurposed as weaponry in a pinch.

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 26

Your specialist weapon is a belt-fed grenade launcher, with the same industrial look as your other ranged weapons! The various rivets, the belt of grenades, and the stock are all optional components, available to be removed or mixed into any other STLs you have!

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 27

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give your gangs a flavourful way to express themselves on the battlefield, and so this coming month, you’ll have 6 new hand gestures to add to your collection!

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 28

Finally, Josh opted to make a character that embodied both the industrial workman feel, whilst also being a classic 80s horror movie slasher villain! An extra scarred and masked head comes with a body covered in a workman’s overall, a clawed hand for flensing skin, and the option of either a blowtorch, or meat-carving saw! Insane doctor, or deranged butcher? You decide!

We hope all these components have got your imagination fired up! Only a week to go before the mayhem starts! If you’d like a closer look, we’ve included all the Shell renders in a handy reference download ZIP, attached to this post!

Space Pirate Bonus STLs

Our Space Pirates aren’t quite done yet, and Cora has added some amazing extras for everyone who subscribes in May, to enjoy!

  • A cannon, with optional powder charge, decorative embellishment and breach parts
  • Two heavy weapon mounts, one wheeled, the other a hover platform
  • A ramrod, spark igniter, and powder charge, all with optional hands
  • Two arms holding either a cannonball, or grapeshot
  • Two Digital Kitbash peg legs
  • and A parrot in a space suit!

ADF Sci Fi Gangers 29

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