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Anvil Digital Forge: Daughters of the Burning Rose

Diesen Monat gibt es weibliche Krieger bei Anvil Digital Forge.

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 1 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 2 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 3 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 4 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 5 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 6 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 7 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 8 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 9 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 10 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 11 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 12 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 13 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 14 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 15

Everything You Get in July’s Daughters of the Burning Rose

Hello Patrons

We hope you’ve been enjoying your Modern Special Forces teams this month, and are now ready to see everything that’s coming in next month’s release! Cora has gone back to the beginning, and done a stunning job resculpting and renewing our first all-female Regiments compatible modular warriors!

Daughters of the Burning Rose Battleline Infantry

In the images below, you can see that we’ve highlighted certain elements in bright orange, blue, green, etc (and you’ll see similar images in many of our previous releases too!), and various images say „multi-shell“ on them.

These colours mean that each highlighted element is actually a separate „shell“ – a complete 3D object that it is possible to move, scale, interchange, or even remove entirely! Want to know how? We’ve got a few excellent text and video resources for you to check out;

Full written instructions of how to use Multi-Shell features in both MeshMixer and Blender can be found here.

Sonic Sledgehammer’s Video Tutorial using MeshMixer.

And finally, an in-depth Blender Tutorial that covers advanced movement and manipulation of individual shells, as well as a whole lot more if you’re interested!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 16 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 17

Three Daughters heads with our Renaissance helmets, two with the visor up, and optional eye shields. There’s also two stand-alone helmets that are unsupported, designed to be used as digital kitbash parts. Perfect to combine with the unhelmeted heads!

Fourteen all-new Daughters heads, completely reworked with modernised sculpts, a padded collar, and with the hair now as an option you can swap between different faces, or remove entirely!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 18

Our original Daughters ten Renaissance legs and torsos are combined for ease of printing, and feature optional hip tassets, loincloths and chainmail skirts. The torsos are also shelled, which will be useful in upcoming months, to allow easy swapping of future torso releases!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 19

But if you prefer to add the Renaissance torso yourself as part of assembly, or want to use other kinds of torsos, then we’ve also provided the legs as separate STLs. They’ve got all the same shells, just slightly modified for modularity.

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 20

Speaking of shells, we rendered out all the Renaissance bodies, with no shells, just to give you an idea of what they’ll look like!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 21

As mentioned, you’ll have the standard female-joint Renaissance Torso, that can be used with other months‘ themes. We’ve also included Renaissance pauldrons for a very medieval look, or you can go with the plate armour pauldron instead, which has more of a sci-fi feel. Your backpack for this month is the classic Renaissance powerplant.

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 22

All the Rifle-Stock joint arms have their stock as a separate shell, and each style of weapon available also has a slung version on a strap (also shelled). You also have a squad banner bearer arm with a banner pole and multiple layers of banner, topper, chains and parchment, which are all optional. Lastly, there are a few open-wrist arms with hand gestures and an unfurled scroll to give your squad leader more character

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 23

We’ve got four rifle-stock compatible weapons for the first wave of Daughters – the Arquebus, Phase Arquebus, Gothic Flame Thrower and Phosphor Fusion Rifle – all of which have had their ammunition sources made into optional shells! Add to that the Daughter’s pistol (both left and right-handed), two poses of chain swords in hands, and all the ammo mags/cells held in hands. For all of these, the hands are separate shells. Lastly, for extra accessories you have pouches and bottles that can be added, as well as a pistol in holster!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 24

Moving on from the battleline infantry, we have the characters! Starting with the Abbess; a force commander with the most ornate and sacred armour, as well as your choice of war hammer or zweihänder! By removing the hand shells, you even get two extra melee weapons to swap into the hands of your other troops! The Abbess can be further customised by removing their cloak, tassets, circlet, hair, or even their entire head!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 25

The Priest is the polar opposite, and eschews the practical protection of steel, in favour of faith, unfettered speed, and carrying the biggest chain sword they can possibly carry! The „tactical“ daemon head they’re standing on is an optional shell, so you can customise the slain foe to reflect your preferred enemy. The Priest’s hair is also possible to remove, as is their hand and the shackle to their weapon!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 26

The Evangelist & Alchemist give you more characterful options to form part of a support team, or advise your commanders. Various accessories on both are optional, as are their heads, allowing you to swap in any of the regular troop heads or helmets, should you prefer!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 27

The Plague Doctor and their Cyborg Assistants round out your command squad possibilities with an expert on medical matters, and the ability to perform life-saving operations without delay! The lobotomised drones that accompany the doctor are adept at quick amputations and restraining a struggling patient, but equally can be turned to more offensive tasks. A few joints were able to be converted to multi-shells, giving you more posing options for your assistants, and the Plague Doctor’s head is also a shell!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 28

Finally, we have the Squire Automata; diminutive robotic servants that carry extra equipment and weaponry for their leaders. Cora managed to separate out the ornate Renaissance helmet from the vice-like grip of these attentive automatons, and provide you with yet more digital kitbash options!

Modern Special Forces Loyalty Reward

Everyone who supports us next month will also be getting a huge bonus pack of extra STLs for Modern Special Forces! Dan has packed this bonus booster pack full of new options to further customise your teams!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 29

Heads are up first, with some armoured face shields and eyeware! Two pairs of extra heads with all the extra protective gear on, and two with just the visor, flipped up. Prefect for more close-range engagements, or mixing into other months‘ sets for a modern heavy armour feel!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 30

Vertical Foregrip Arms for your troopers are also coming. Three pairs of male-joint and female-joint arms, reworked to be holding a vertical grip that should be compatible with any Pistol-Grip style weapon you have in your Digital Bits Box! These arms feature all the same shelled components as the main SpecForces release, with an added foregrip shell too!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 31

Reaching up to pluck a recon drone from the air, or hold a flare aloft to flag down an extraction are now easy options for your teams, as well as an active flare on the ground to use as an objective marker! The hands holding the drone/flare are shelled too, making them options to print sparately, or customise what the figure is holding.

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 32

Tactical hand gestures are an important part of squad communication, and now you can represent that on your minis! All the hands have the combat glove as a separate shell. And there’s a FAST helmet held in hand too, making it possible for your characters to have a helmet that has just been removed. The hand is completely optional too, so it’s possible to have just the helmet as a stand-alone object for dioramas or scenic elements too!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 33

An extra pair of at-ease leg poses for both of our Regiments joint systems. Great for less combat ready poses and scenes, and pairs really well with the Drone/Flare holding torsos too.

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 34

A new prone sniper miniature with too many shells to count! Everything that’s normally an option from the main SpecForces release is still a multi-shell here, so customisation is really easy! But don’t just take my word for it, check out what staffer Adam did with these models!

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 35

And last, but certainly not least, there’s a AN/PED Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder, with the option of both male-joint, or female-joint arms. The tripod comes as two separate parts, and features shelled elements that allow you to adjust the height of the legs, and the pitch of the AN/PED! As with all the SpecForce arms, the shoulder pockets and combat gloves are optional shelled elements too. You can even remove one or both of the hands on the rangefinder, to create a stand-alone piece!

Phew… that was a lot of shells to rundown! If you need some higher res images to keep track of all the options, feel free to download them in the attached ZIP file.

We hope you’re as pleased as we are with July’s release as we are! Only a few more days to go before they’ll be available in your MyMiniFactory libraries!

Thank you all, for your continued support. We’ll sign off today with even more examples for each set to tease your imagination!
– Team Anvil

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 36 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 37 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 38 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 39

Previous month’s content shown in dark grey, and are not included in the bonus pack, but are shown here as examples of use.

ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 40 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 41 ADF Daughters Of The Burning Rose 42

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