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OnePageRules: Assault on Malhadra Vorschau

OnePageRules zeigen eine Vorschau zu Assault on Malhadra.

Opr Swiftclaw Cover

Assault on Malhadra Preview: Meet Swiftclaw & Constance

In Assault of Malhadra, the once unremarkable Sabar system has become the site of a fascinating discovery; a world hidden from sensors by advanced shielding technology. Four factions clash to be first to set foot upon the mysterious phantom planet to discover its secrets. Each of these factions is led by an all new hero that you can include in your games! Here is the first look at two of those heroes: Swiftclaw for the Change Daemons and Constance for the Blessed Sisters.

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Whqixyymiarzne „Swiftclaw“, The Unbidden Hand

A rarity among Change Daemon Champions, Swiftclaw had no particular love for learning or abstract knowledge. Instead, his talents lay in the process of acquisition: he has spent decades honing his skills as an infiltrator, and built a reputation on his ability to acquire any device or secret that he sets his mind to.

Swiftclaw had managed to amass a fortune as a mercenary among Change Daemons and others. Caring little for wealth or specific knowledge, he pursued jobs which posed the greatest challenge.

He saw Malhadra, an impenetrable world hidden from the galaxy for centuries, as a worthy test of his abilities, and became determined to acquire the secrets behind the planetary shields. The entire campaign played out for him as an elaborate heist, developing schemes within schemes, and spying upon his rivals.

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Vanguard Constance, Superior of the Sacred Star

An orphaned refugee taken in by the order, Constance would choose to remain with the Blessed Sistersrather than be adopted out to foster parents. From an early age, she saw her convent as her family and sought to extend the same kindness that she had shown her outwards.

Despite this, Constance never imagined herself as a warrior, instead throwing herself into administrative and humanitarian work. Her sincere passion would see her chosen as a junior member of diplomatic missions and exploration missions.

During one of these operations, charting a stable passage along the edge of the Zone, her ship received a distress call from the Sabar system. She would rush towards its source, determined to provide aid as her duty required.

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About Assault on Malhadra

Will you be able to navigate Malhadra’s many dangers in order to claim its ancient technology? Assault on Malhadra updates our All-Out Assault Mission Pack for Grimdark Future: Firefight, with an immersive narrative, showcasing 4 new heroes and a full storyline to play your battles in.


  • An All-New Narrative for our All-Out Assault Mission Pack
  • Four New Hero Models
  • Four Grimdark Future Factions Featuring Hundreds of Models
  • And More!

Coming July 25th – Sign Up to Get Notified and Get:

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Next week, we’ll have even more info about this exciting campaign and the next two heroes involved.

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team


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