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Wizkids: Red Dragons Lair Preorder

Für DnD bieten Wizkids einen Hort eines roten Drachen an.

Das Set kostet 99,99$ und soll in Q2 2024 erscheinen.

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The red dragon surveys its domain from up high in its mountain lair. A fiery, winged tyrant that plunders and destroys all before it on its path to enrich its hoard. Will the menace continue to rampage unabated, or will a group of brave adventurers successfully slay the foul beast? Find out with D&D Icons of the Realms: Adventure in a Box – Red Dragon’s Lair!

This box has everything you’ll need to build your red dragon-themed adventure, including four puzzle-cut battle maps to lay out the foundations of your perilous volcanic encounter, five different lair terrain dressings, and six pre-painted miniatures depicting a range of draconic enemies led by a large fearsome red dragon.

Whether your next clash with a red dragon is a brief encounter or a drawn-out scenario, the Adventure in a Box – Red Dragon’s Lair is your place to start.


  • x1 Young Red Dragon
  • x2 Kobold Commoners
  • x1 Kobold Underling
  • x1 Kobold Dragonshield
  • x1 Winged Kobold
  • x1 Treasure Pile
  • x1 Dragon Egg Clutch
  • x2 Stalagmite Singles
  • x2 Stalagmite Doubles
  • x2 Stalagmite Pillars
  • x1 Caldera Map (35in x 35in)
  • x1 Kobold Den Map (12in x 13in)
  • x1 Pillared Hall Map (12in x 24in)
  • x1 Hoard Room Map (20in x 15in)

Quelle: Dndmini


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