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Wargames Atlantic: Skelett Preview

Wargames Atlantic haben auf ihrer Website neue Skelette vorgestellt.


Tooling is wrapping up in the next couple days for this follow up to one of our first two sets: Skeleton Warriors! We think it will be worth the wait!

There will be five frames in the box (along with two chariot frames) – you can see the frame in Articles and News on our site – and this will give you enough parts to do a variety of things.
There are 3 rider bodies on each frame (to allow for all bare skeletons or 1/3 with muscled cuirass) and 2 foot bodies that can become either chariot crew or regular infantry.
You can make a lot of different combinations depending on what you’re trying to achieve:
A. Two chariots with crew, six cavalry, six foot
B. One chariot with crew, eight cavalry, eight foot
C. Zero chariots (save them to use with our regular horses if you want!), 10 cavalry, 10 foot
As said above they’re almost finished with tooling and then we’ll be onto box printing, injection, and getting them out to you. No release date yet.
Figures sculpted by Rob Macfarlane, Chariot by Thieu Duong. Painting by Jason Frowde of Painting Knights. Illustration by Peter Dennis. Box design by Henry Hyde. The column pieces are by Artisan Guild Miniatures.
Quelle: Wargames Atlantic

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