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Wargame Exclusive: Neue STLs

Wargame Exclusive haben via Patreon neue STL-Render veröffentlicht.

Wargameexclusivejul1 Wargameexclusivejul2 Wargameexclusivejul3 Wargameexclusivejul4

We’re blasting the war drums and plugging in the axe, because it’s time to amp up the rewards‘ volume for you absolute LEGENDS!

Introducing the Mosh Pit of Loyalty, a thunderous new reward for our hardcore loyal headbangers! It’s the backstage pass, the first row, the all-access for the warriors who keep this crazy caravan rolling month after electrifying month!

Wait for it… three months of undying loyalty earns you an EXCLUSIVE „Ork Wurd Murson“ STL file! This ain’t no riff-off, it’s the real deal! We’re talking about a skull-smashing Ork, designed to thrash your battlefield with some heavy metal mayhem! 🎸💥

And get this, you can’t buy this epic STL file. You gotta earn it! Like a back-alley gig or a secret demo tape, it’s a one-of-a-kind drop for our die-hard supporters. Stick with us for three straight months, and you’ll be headbanging with your own Wurd Murson!

But hey, we’re not leaving anyone out in the mosh pit! Everyone who prefer their miniatures in the ‚flesh‘, the printed version of Ork Wurd Murson will be on sale, ready to take center stages in collections. 🎤

So, come on, warbosses! Stay tuned, stay supportive, and you’ll be the proud owner of this rockin‘ exclusive. We can’t wait to hit you with this face-melting reward! 🙏

Get ready to roll the dice, tune up the guitars, and let’s keep rocking the wargaming universe together! 🌌

Wargameexclusivejul5 Wargameexclusivejul6 Wargameexclusivejul7 Wargameexclusivejul8 Wargameexclusivejul9 Wargameexclusivejul10 Wargameexclusivejul11 Wargameexclusivejul12 Wargameexclusivejul13 Wargameexclusivejul14 Wargameexclusivejul15

They said they couldn’t be tamed, that their rock ’n‘ roll spirit was too wild, too raw. Well, they were right!

So, say goodbye to the same old skirmishes, the predictable warfare. It’s time for a game that’s set to the rhythm of rock, one that shreds convention and amps up the excitement. These Goblins are here to rock your world!

Turn up the volume, folks. The Rock Goblins have taken the stage. Get ready for the sweet, sweet sound of mayhem! This is your moment to throw your horns up, let loose, and embrace the anarchic symphony that only our Goblins can provide. Rock on, warriors, rock on!

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Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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  • Der Ork Zauberer ist nicht schlecht, gefällt mir aber auch nicht besser als das GW Original Modell. Den Kopf mit den Haaren finde ich hier ganz witzig, da er mich irgendwie an Rick von „Rick and Morty“ erinnert.

    Grotz gehen bei mir immer, die mit Zigarre, auf den Reifen und mit dem Bierfass finde ich sehr gelungen.

    Da ich aber immer noch nicht auf den 3D-Druck Zug aufgesprungen bin, leider für mich noch nicht relevant.

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