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Titan Forge: Infernal Dwarves

Diesen Monat gibt es Chaoszwerge bei Titan Forge.

TF Infernal Dwarves 1 TF Infernal Dwarves 2 TF Infernal Dwarves 3 TF Infernal Dwarves 4 TF Infernal Dwarves 5 TF Infernal Dwarves 6 TF Infernal Dwarves 7 TF Infernal Dwarves 8 TF Infernal Dwarves 9 TF Infernal Dwarves 10 TF Infernal Dwarves 11 TF Infernal Dwarves 12 TF Infernal Dwarves 13 TF Infernal Dwarves 14 TF Infernal Dwarves 15 TF Infernal Dwarves 16 TF Infernal Dwarves 17 TF Infernal Dwarves 18 TF Infernal Dwarves 19 TF Infernal Dwarves 20 TF Infernal Dwarves 21 TF Infernal Dwarves 22

Open Post – August Release – Infernal Dwarves

Test for yourself the renowned Titan Forge STL model quality.

Try it out right away and come back to subscribe if you like the results!

In August we have prepared for you Infernal Dwarves, a „little“ more evil brothers to Hillsbrad Dwarves. They also will support the Sons of Kashan Vra Line for Bloodfields.

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This platform offers a great and affordable way to get a ton of miniatures and support artists.

  • Subscribe to Titan Forge on Patreon for just 10$ and instantly download the entire Monthly Release content. You can easily opt-out at any time, even right after you download!
  • Stay with us and at the start of each month, you will get the newest full set packed with thematic fantasy miniatures – heroes, monsters, terrain, scenery, and big WOW models!
  • Collect endless free Patron bonuses! We are always looking for innovative ways to surprise you and bring you the best 3D printing experience!

Right after you join, you receive 9x Free RPG Hero Models! Each month, 3 new heroes will join your fantasy tavern! You must gather your party before venturing forth!

Happy Printing!
TF Team

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