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The Ravage Project: Mech-Kickstarter

Wir haben mal wieder einen STL-Kickstarter für euch.

The Ravage Project 1

Welcome to the Ravage Project!

The Ravage Project is the first digital offering by Orbital Heavy Industries that seeks to bring into your hands (finally!) high quality digital STLs of our original Mecha designs. The Ravage Type-K series has been remodeled from the ground up to meet today’s standards, and due to its versatility and cross-compatibility, has been adapted to several other variants that have yet to be seen publicly.

The Ravage Project 2

The original Ravage I and II designs were created in conjunction with Operation Lancaster, however they have evolved into primary chassis in their own right. This project seeks to introduce the Type-K evolution of the Ravage Chassis along with several of its variants, for your procurement pleasure.

If the project is well received, the offerings will expand to include the Support Ravage and the Recon Ravage, as well as other popular chassis such as the Sumaire and The Memory Knight.

The Ravage Project 3

The models are parted out into separate torsos, arm/weapons units, and a posed leg piece. All are interchangeable within the same chassis, and additional leg poses may be made available as well as additional leg/motive variants.

What is the PLAN?

Once funding is confirmed, models will have to be created/refined/tested depending on their current state of completion. This is to ensure printability on typical UV Resin printers. Pre-supported STLs will have to be worked on, however unsupported versions will also be made available for those who prefer to manipulate scale and orientation of the pieces.  While the STLs are ostensibly created for 6mm-ish scale, I am confident that due to the detail level, they would easily be upscaled to 15mm and beyond. Preparation and Refinement of the models will be the primary work going forward, and creation of new assets would add to this, depending on what stretch goals are unlocked (which would add to the necessary workload).  All in all, I expect several weeks of serious work to ensure that the models you receive are in the best possible shape.

Who is Orbital Heavy Industries?

My name is Jason Spykerman. I have decades of 3D modeling experience behind me, having worked in the video game industry for a time (on projects such as Mass Effect, Star Wars KOTOR, Neverwinter Nights etc). I have also been into miniatures wargaming for even longer than that. Growing up in Asia, at the crossroads of Eastern and Western mecha design philosophies, mecha has been in my blood ever since I can remember. It has been a goal of mine to integrate these two different schools of thought into a cohesive direction, honoring both influences as much as I can.

My most recent work has been on the Battletech Clan Invasion campaign, where I had the honor of working on a setting that is close to my heart (though that heart lies firmly rooted in 3025). Lessons learned in that experience has carried over into this new project, where I seek to maintain a similar level of detail with this Type-K series.

It is my hope that this is just the beginning, and that I can go on to share with you guys the endless designs and mecha ideas that haunt me.

Stretch Goals:

The Ravage Project 4 The Ravage Project 5

The Ravage Project 6 The Ravage Project 7

The Ravage Project 8 The Ravage Project 9

The Ravage Project 10 The Ravage Project 11

The Ravage Project 12 The Ravage Project 13

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 18 Tage.

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