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The Horus Heresy: Alpha Legion MKVI Upgrades

Die mysteriöse Legion der Alpha Legion bekommt ebenfalls MKVI Upgrades für den Kampf in der fernen Zukunft der Horus Heresy.

Alpha Legion Upgrades Let You Pledge the Hydra to Horus/The Emperor/Other (Delete As Appropriate)

One of the major problems with the Alpha Legion – for allies and enemies alike – is that you never know who is and isn’t one of the Hydra’s fangs. These masters of deception are almost impossible to pin down, and before you know it the friend you’ve known since childhood turns out to be Alpharius himself, sticking a spear in your back.

When the XX Legion do reveal their livery, though? It’s a sight to behold. That’s no cause for comfort, because it means they want you to know who they are, but at least you can rest easy knowing you were killed by some slick-looking Space Marines.

Games Workshop Alpha Legion Upgrades Let You Pledge The Hydra To Horus The Emperor Other (Delete As Appropriate) 1

Mark VI armour may be named for Corvus Corax, but it’s an ideal fit for the stealthy operations undertaken by the sons of Alpharius. More than a few suits were pinched from Loyalist armouries before the Heresy even began, and customised to suit the Alpha Legion’s needs. The most ostentatious details are carefully concealed, only to be unveiled when the serpent has already struck.

Games Workshop Alpha Legion Upgrades Let You Pledge The Hydra To Horus The Emperor Other (Delete As Appropriate) 2

The serpentine iconography evokes the Legion’s adoption of the hydra as a symbol of their protean ways, reforming after every setback and returning with more teeth than before. Bladed, scale-like ornamentation adds a sinister Helac aesthetic to the sleek lines of your beaked helms.

Games Workshop Alpha Legion Upgrades Let You Pledge The Hydra To Horus The Emperor Other (Delete As Appropriate) 3

The writhing, multi-headed logo of the Alpha Legion adorns their sculpted shoulder pads – perfect for anyone who balked at painting this intricate insignia with freehand alone. Spruce up your MKVI Tactical Squads, sprinkle in other upgrade parts, and your slippery soldiers will be ready to be fielded as any number of unit types found in Liber Hereticus – Traitor Legiones Army Book.

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    • Ja, die sehen echt gut aus, und ich hab mich beim Gedanken ertappt, dass ich mir doch noch mal Alpha Legion anschauen sollte (bisher gar nicht geschehen), aber sofort gefolgt von der Erinnerung daran, dass ich mir diese sinnlose teuren Accessoires eh nicht für eine Armee holen würde.

  • Die Helme finde ich gar nicht so schlecht. Die sehen ganz leicht auch nach Wikingerhelmen aus. Die könnte ich mir auf jeden Fall auch bei Space Wolves gut vorstellen. Da ich dann aber keine Verwendung hätte für die Schulterpads ist mir der Preis doch dann wieder zu teuer. Na ja vieleicht gönne ich mir mal ein Set auch wenn es weh tut.

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