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Star Wars Shatterpoint: Neue Previews

Atomic Mass Games haben neue Previews zu Einheiten für Shatterpoint vogestellt.

AMG Shatterpoint CC 2224 Clone Commander Cody & 212th Clone Troopers 1

Databank Download: CC-2224 Clone Commander Cody & 212th Clone Troopers

If there’s one thing the Clone Wars demonstrated, it was that being identical doesn’t mean all clones are the same. Today’s Star Wars™: Shatterpoint preview features a standout officer of that conflict: CC-2224, better known as Clone Commander Cody, who earned his fame as second in command of the 212th Attack Battalion, a force that contributed to the defense of the Republic.

Commander Cody managed to win the respect and trust of all who fought alongside him, including the Jedi, proving his capabilities across numerous major engagements together with the 212th. He is a clever strategist as well as possessing an undeniable ferocity in combat. After serving ably in so many battles, Cody’s relationship with Obi-Wan Kenobi™ would eventually be shattered by the infamous enactment of Order 66, when his conditioning and implanted control chip forced him to turn on the Jedi. Prior to this tragic turn of events, however, Cody and his troops are counted among the most disciplined and loyal assets in General Kenobi’s arsenal.

Cody brings a toolkit of versatile abilities to his squad, with an emphasis on coordinating fire against key targets, such as those contesting objectives. If he starts his activation with such an enemy in range of his DC-15 Blaster Rifle, his We’ve Got a Big Problem tactic allows him to expose that enemy to incoming fire. Say Goodnight, Clanker! furthermore allows Cody to ignore his target’s protective cover, facilitating their destruction.

AMG Shatterpoint CC 2224 Clone Commander Cody & 212th Clone Troopers 2

As is often the case with such an officer, positioning is key and Cody can be expected to advance swiftly on the enemy alongside the 212th Clone Troopers, each making use of Defensive Maneuver to gain a Hunker token to benefit from cover as they approach. Keeping near his brothers in arms, Bring it Down! makes it more likely that they can fire accurately, rerolling up to two failed results while attacking from their defensive positions.

AMG Shatterpoint CC 2224 Clone Commander Cody & 212th Clone Troopers 3

Cody’s Concentrated Firepower Stance delivers as promised, with its decidedly offensive focus. That isn’t to say that his Phase II Clone Armor and training won’t protect the commander from glancing shots or blows. But he is clearly oriented around striking hard from a distance and pinning an enemy in place. His stance’s combat tree allows Cody to choose either to focus on delivering lethal injuries, or to utilize more tactical shots to push a foe away from an objective or away from obstacles before hunkering down against returning fire. If an enemy engages Cody, he relies on his DC-17 blaster pistols to fire at close range; while these aren’t quite as potent as his longer ranged rifle, Cody can be quite deadly in close combat.

AMG Shatterpoint CC 2224 Clone Commander Cody & 212th Clone Troopers 4

The 212th Clone Troopers complement Cody perfectly, and they work great together in a squad, taking advantage of their combined Defensive Maneuver and complementary abilities. Thanks to Brothers in Arms, it is not easy to disrupt or dislodge these troopers when they’ve hunkered down, which lets them ignore one attempt to shove them thanks to becoming Steadfast. The ability to use the Coordinated Fire reaction to pin down an adversary can prove clutch in disrupting enemy tactics as the squad picks them apart.

The Bullseye Training stance is simple but effective, demonstrating the lethal accuracy of these soldiers with their punishing blaster rifles. The combat tree offers another way to make enemies pinned, to shove them into the open, or expose them to concentrated fire. Unlike their commander, these troopers are entirely ranged focused, and are not well situated to fend off foes engaging them in melee. They possess adequate close combat training, but bashing enemies with a rifle stock is clearly not the most effective way to utilize this weapon.

AMG Shatterpoint CC 2224 Clone Commander Cody & 212th Clone Troopers 5

That rounds out our look at CC-2224 Commander Cody and the 212th Clone Troopers, whose point costs are perfectly geared for them to fight alongside General Obi-Wan Kenobi. They can prove just as useful heeding the orders of other leaders choosing to deploy them.

Make sure to check back for our next Star Wars: Shatterpoint Unit preview, where we give you a first look at how your favorite characters from the Star Wars galaxy translate into the gameplay of Star Wars: Shatterpoint. Pre-order your own copy of the Hello There Squad Pack at your local game store or through our webstore today!

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!

Databank Download: Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter Preview

Launching into today’s Star Wars™: Shatterpoint preview by way of his jet pack and loaded up with an arsenal of versatile weaponry is the galaxy’s most acclaimed bounty hunter (at least in his day): Jango Fett!

AMG Shatterpoint Jango Fett 1

After a long career securing the most dangerous bounties, the greatest long-term impact of Jango Fett’s legacy was being hired to become the template for the clone army created for the Grand Army of the Republic. It would be his DNA in the bodies and his face beneath the helmets of countless soldiers deployed against the Separatist Alliance in the final years before the rise of the Empire.

There are good reasons for his selection for this strange honor; Jango Fett has proven himself to be a tremendously skilled, versatile, and fit warrior. Not only a capable marksman, Jango Fett possesses superlative combat and survival instincts, employing a diverse arsenal of weapons and tools. Where some bounty hunters are narrow specialists, Jango Fett is an all-around generalist, as skilled in close combat as marksmanship—just the sort of warrior generals dream of replicating to fill every combat niche. And while his clones perform ably, it’d be hard to find one who can hold up compared to the original. For now, he is quite willing to serve as a gun for hire in the current conflicts, looking to secure a future for himself and his son.

AMG Shatterpoint Jango Fett 2

In combat, Jango Fett is all about either disabling or neutralizing his chosen foe, and he has many means to achieve this end. Jango was a Foundling of the Mandalorians™ and inherited their distinct Beskar armor, including a tremendously useful Jet Pack that allows him to perform a jump and seek the higher ground, ideally used while maneuvering into position. Similarly, Jango Fett can perform a jump after making a focus action thanks to My Client is Getting Impatient, giving him another way to be in the right place at the right time. Rather than changing his own position, Jango Fett also has the option to Pull a target out of cover and pin them in place with his Capture Wire.

Spending Force to jet around or capture foes might seem spendy, but I’m Just Looking to Get Paid provides considerable efficiency to strategic use of Jango’s abilities. So long as he Wounds a significant target, this ability refreshes two Force and provides some minor healing. And if enemies think Jango is only dangerous on his own turn, his Not So Fast reaction lets him punish an enemy that begins their activation too close to him. This allows Jango to unleash his favored rocket launcher straight into a nearby adversary, potentially doing considerable damage before they can do anything else.

AMG Shatterpoint Jango Fett 3

Jango Fett’s Stance, Resourceful Gunslinger, offers a very well-rounded attack package. This gunslinger prefers fighting in mid to close range and is as dangerous to engage as to leave firing from a distance. From farther away, he’s more accurate, but close on him in melee and his shots can potentially do even more damage. The Stance’s Combat Tree provides both substantial punishment and additional maneuvering or the opportunity to use an Active ability, as well as an early option to strain his quarry. This Stance also provides decent defense dice and the protection of his Beskar Armor.

That closes out our early look at Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter!

Make sure to check back for our next Star Wars: Shatterpoint Unit preview, where we give you a first look at how your favorite characters from the Star Wars galaxy translate into the gameplay of Star Wars: Shatterpoint. Pre-order your own copy of the Twice the Pride Squad Pack at your local game store or through our webstore today.

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!

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  • Täusche ich mich, oder wirken die Miniaturen sehr „skinny“ und lang gestreckt?

  • Ziemlich dürre Clone Trooper. Sowohl im Artwork wie in der Miniatur. Passt irgendwie nicht zu den bisherigen Shatterpoint Minis – und zur Vorlage aus Episode III und Clone Wars schonmal gar nicht.

  • Die Vorlage ist hier auch der Cartoon von Clone Wars. Das hatten sie auch so kommuniziert. Wird definitiv nicht jedem gefallen.

  • Bild 8 (als Beispiel).
    Hab die Regeln nicht gelesen und das sieht für mich furchtbar kompliziert aus…und macht mir auch keine Lust mal in die Regeln reinzulesen…

    • Wenn du aus persönlichen Gründen keine Lust hast das Spiel genauer zu inspizieren, dann ignorier den Rest, falls doch:
      Wenn du genau hinsiehst, hast du nur ein paar wenige Kombis von Symbolen und zahlen. Hinweise auf Wirkung in Abhängigkeit von Abständen, und erklärte Spezialfähigkeiten, anzahl an würfeln für Fernkampf oder Nahkampf. sobald man die Symbole kennt ist das glaube ich nicht mehr so kompliziert. Evtl. die Regel mal überfliegen, stehen ja frei zur Verfügung. Wenn es dann immer noch nicht gefällt, dann weißt du aber wenigstens wie dein echter Eindruck ist.

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