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Snap Ship Tactics: Release

Snap Ship Tactics haben ihren offiziellen Release erreicht.

Zum Start gibt es:

Die Starter Box für 75,95€

SnapShipTacticsStarter1 SnapShipTacticsStarter3 SnapShipTacticsStarter4 SnapShipTacticsStarter5 SnapShipTacticsStarter2 SnapShipTacticsStarter7 SnapShipTacticsStarter6 SnapShipTacticsStarter8

The Starter Box includes everything you need to start playing 1v1 or solo against an AI ship. With 8 unique ship builds, and over 100 individual plastic pieces, you’ll have everything you need to construct your perfect ship! In the box:

  • 8 Chassis Cards and 24 AI Cards
  • 28 Part Cards
  • 10 Custom Dice
  • 2 Heavy Duty Flight Stands
  • 2 Hull and Evasion Trackers
  • 2 Plastic Move tools
  • Terrain, ID, and Missile Tokens
  • 30 Energy and Heat Cubes
  • 3 Range Rulers

Die Deluxe Playmat für 51,95€


A gorgeous 3′ x 3′ (90cm x 90 cm) neoprene playmat with rubber backing. Select from four different custom art works for the surface. Each mat depicts a different location in the Snap Ships lore.

Das Stand Pack für 18,95€

SnapShipStands1 SnapShipStands2

Includes two plastic stands (90mm diameter) with different height stalks, two ship status tracker dials, 30 power and heat cubes, and 12 ship tokens. Each Stand pack allows you to play with two additional ships in your games.

Das Sabre and Scarab Bundle Pack für 37,95€(Dies sind die gleichen Schiffe wie in der Starterbox)

SnapShipBundle1 SnapShipBundle2 SnapShipBundle3

Extra copies of the ships in the Starter Box but in their original paint look and packaging. This pack includes a Sabreand a Scarab Snap Ships kit, which total 80+ building pieces between them. You also get the chassis, part, and AI cards for them, 51 cards total.

  • 30 Chassis and AI Cards
  • 21 Part cards
  • 2 Building Instruction books

* ship stands not included. You will need a Stand Pack to play 2v2.

Das Deluxe Console Pack für 28,95€

SnapShipConsole1 SnapShipConsole2

Enhance your experience with 10 plastic console sections that can be snapped securely together. Their unique „control panel“ look keeps all your cubes and cards organized. Pegs on the consoles also let you use them for freeform building!

Note: each console section holds 1 chassis card or 2 parts cards. Falx and Wasp each require 5 console sections, while Sabre, Scarab, Lance and Locust each require 4.

Das Builder Pack für 23,95€


32 Extra cubes and 20 pegs for those that love to build! Half of the cubes are molded in Forge gray; half are molded in Komplex black. Contents are packed loose in a plastic bag.


  • 8 tri cubes
  • 8 standard cubes
  • 8 cubes without pegs
  • 8 half height cubes
  • 20 orange pegs

Die Scout Ship Card Pack für 9,95€

SnapShipScout1 SnapShipScout2

All the chassis, part, and AI cards for the Lance and Locust Snap Ships kits.

36 cards total. Intended for players that already have a Lance and/or Locust kit in their collection.

Das Elite Ship Card Pack für 9,95€

SnapShipElite1 SnapShipElite2

All the chassis, part, and AI cards for the Falx vs Wasp Battle Set kit.

58 cards and one small punchboard. Intended for players that already have a Falx vs Wasp kit in their collection.

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