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Mierce Miniatures: Neues Resin

Mierce Miniatures steigen auf ein neues Resin um, das die Kosten reduzieren soll.

As we’ve said in our previous e-mails this week, all of our future releases will be produced in a new, flexible, ultra-tough, extremely highly quality print resin we have dubbed ‘Grey Wulf’. As you can see in the next few videos, this material is perfect for our detailed miniatures, not least because it will reduce the costs of them to less than half the cost of the old cast resin!


The All-New ‘Grey Wulf’ Resin

That’s not the only benefit of producing miniatures in Grey Wulf resin! Here’s just a few of the many advantages of this fantastic material:

  • High Quality: The quality of Grey Wulf is exceptional, as good as cast resin and far superior to metal
  • Strong: Grey Wulf is very strong and tough despite being light and will survive plenty of knocks, bashes and drops; being plastic, paint will not chip off like it does on metal, either
  • Flexible: Unlike some print resins Grey Wulf is not brittle, quite the opposite! It’s very flexible and will remember its shape
  • Fewer Components: miniatures in Grey Wulf can be printed with overhangs, so they don’t need to be in as many components as cast resin. This means there’s far less fiddly assembly and far less gap filling. Some of the smaller miniatures will be produced in one piece, such as the wulfas
  • No Mould Lines: As there are no moulds when printing with Grey Wulf, there are no mould lines, slips or flash
  • Costs Less: It costs far less to produce miniatures in Grey Wulf, which means we can pass on those savings to you, our valued customers
  • Quick to Produce: Compared to making cast resin or metal miniatures, production with Grey Wulf will be much quicker. Previously, once the miniature was sculpted we had to cut into more components; prepare for print; print; clean up; mount for moulding; mould; cut the moulds; and finally cast (bearing in mind that after thirty or so resin casts each mould had to be re-moulded). Now, we simply have to cut the miniature into less components, prepare for print, print and clean up – and then send it off to you! The greatest benefit here is that we can produce new releases far quicker than in the old materials!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Grey Wulf will use less resin than casting and no rubber for moulding, which means we’re using less resources

The only disadvantage of Grey Wulf is that we can’t cast traditional miniatures in it… until we get a high quality 3d scanner… ;o)


Some Do’s and Don’ts

Before we talk about future Grey Wulf production, we have a couple of do’s and don’ts. Please make sure you assemble all Grey Wulf miniatures with superglue – not plastic glue! – and while there’s no need to wash your miniatures before priming, if you’re in that routine feel free to do so. You can heat up Grey Wulf and bend to shape, but we wouldn’t recommend that you treat it like cast resin in that regard – Grey Wulf is a little more resilient than that and may end up becoming brittle.

The Future is Grey Wulf

Grey Wulf being so incredible made it easy for us to decide on producing all future releases in this superb material. That means we won’t be producing anything new in cast resin or metal (unless it is a traditional sculpt), and all of our previous digital releases will eventually be made available in Grey Wulf. This will take time, however, so please be patient in that regard!

Cast resin and metal options will be removed

We will of course be lowering the prices of all of our future releases at some point over the next week or so, and removing metal options; once we have produced existing miniatures in Grey Wulf, their prices will change and metal options removed, too, and we’ll make sure we send a mailshot out whenever we do so (we’ll probably do it on a kindred-by-kindred basis). Traditional – i.e., – hand-sculpted – miniatures will remain in cast resin and metal, although we will be resculpting pretty much everything digitally – or scanning the monsters that are still amazing – at some point over the next few years.

The Slaughterers of Scīrwoda Starter Command

Right – that’s enough about Grey Wulf itself – let’s have a look at the first set of releases to be produced in it, the amazing new slaughterwolves of the Anglecynn, gathered together in the Slaughterers of Scīrwoda Starter Command! Worth over £300 in the old cast resin (and over £180+ individually in Grey Wulf), this fantastic set is yours for just £79.99.


Quelle: Mierce Miniatures Newsletter


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  • Hm…die Miniaturen aus Resin fand ich immer sehr gut. Bei solch neuen Materialien bin ich immer eher skeptisch. Wäre doch mal ein Review für den Brückenkopf, den ich sehr begrüßen würde 😉

    • Stimmt. Der Preisunterschied ist gewaltig. Das Design finde ich toll, aber ich bin skeptisch bei der Qualität. Wenn die vergleichbar zu vorher ist, habe ich Sorgen um meine Ausgaben.

  • Den Wechsel von Guss zu 3D-Druck finde ich ziemlich schlüssig. Die Produktion ist auf diese Weise viel flexibler und potentiell schneller, wenn die Minis gut supportet sind, ist die Qualität vermutlich auch besser.

    Ich frage mal bei Mierce wegen eines Reviewsamples an, vielleicht haben wir ja Glück. 🙂

  • Mierce ist glaube ich der einzige Hersteller bei dem ich mir keine Sorgen bei einem Materialwechsel mache. Die Qualität war vorher einfach so gut, dass ich das hier auch blind kaufen würde.

  • Wenn Mierce jetzt tatsächlich relevant billiger wird werd ich wohl tatsächlich anfangen einfach die gesamte Range zu kaufen… jetzt weiß ich gar nicht ob ich mir das wünschen soll oder nicht xD

  • Bei den ersten Zeilen dachte ich auch noch „oh mal wieder ein toller Markenname für Siocast“. Wobei ich Siocast absolut nicht verkehrt finde.

    Aber wenn die gedruckt sind, und die Leute ihr Material und ihre Drucker gut im Griff haben wird das qualitativ kein Rückschritt sein.

    Und die Designs sind meistenteils wirklich superb.

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