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Last Sword Miniatures: März Patreon

Last Sword Miniatures haben für den März ein neues STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

Lastswordmarch1 Lastswordmarch2 Lastswordmarch3 Lastswordmarch4 Lastswordmarch5 Lastswordmarch6 Lastswordmarch7 Lastswordmarch15 Lastswordmarch16 Lastswordmarch17 Lastswordmarch18 Lastswordmarch19 Lastswordmarch20 Lastswordmarch21 Lastswordmarch22 Lastswordmarch30 Lastswordmarch31 Lastswordmarch32 Lastswordmarch33 Lastswordmarch34 Lastswordmarch35 Lastswordmarch36 Lastswordmarch37 Lastswordmarch45 Lastswordmarch46 Lastswordmarch47 Lastswordmarch48 Lastswordmarch49 Lastswordmarch50 Lastswordmarch51 Lastswordmarch52

Hey guys!

We’re working on fixing some minor scaling issues with the camp, and I haven’t included the final renders yet. I hope to have it resolved by tomorrow or the day after.

Other than that, here is the infantry of the High Kingdom. We’ve based their design on the armies of Alexander Farnese, trying to move away from the classic morion helmet, which was actually only used for short periods of time.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you about this, but I wanted to dedicate a few words to piracy.

For obvious reasons, we’re present in most piracy groups undercover and we read what’s being said. It’s very common to see the expression „wait a month for the author to make money.“ This is simply ridiculous.

The market cost of a miniature is around 250-500 euros. Just think about how many miniatures you receive per month. Only the big Patreons can amortize those costs.

Even in our team, which is closed and collaborative, we have 5 sculptors, an art director, and a logistics person, plus the invaluable help of deantonius. If we depended solely on Patreon’s income, we wouldn’t be able to maintain that structure. That’s why we need kickstarters and ordinary sales on our website. They’re not very high, but they make the difference between being able to keep going and not doing so.

We’re constantly striving to improve. The website has undergone a huge amount of improvements in recent months. We’ve changed to a much more powerful and expensive server to make navigation smoother. Every week on Discord, you can see that we’re still optimizing old files or supports. Right now, we’re cutting the Grail Church again to make printing more optimal.

A few days ago, we were at an event where we lost money. We knew we would be assuming a significant cost, but we went to promote our hobby.

All of this needs income to be able to sustain itself, and for us to be able to make a living from it. So don’t let anyone fool you. Even OPR or Titan Forge are relatively small companies, and they’re the big ones in the industry. There are no multinationals here earning millions of euros. Most of us fight every month to stay alive.

That’s why it’s crucial that you protect the files. It’s no use banning the leaker if we can identify them; the damage is done. We need you to understand this and help us fight this false and destructive double standard.

If we want to be here for a long time, we need you, and we need your help in making as many people as possible understand this reality.

Thanks so much for your support, and sorry for the long message 🙂

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