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Battle Kiwi: Holopflanzen

Die Neuseeländer haben neues Gelände für SciFi-Parks im Sortiment.

BattleKiwiHoloFountain1 BattleKiwiHoloFountain3 BattleKiwiHoloFountain2

A fountain of placidity ⛲️ Aqua-Nexus Fountain 🌴
Give your colony dwellers a look at the wonder of ‘nature like’ flowing water, just like they once enjoyed for real back on their home planet.
Sure to induce calm and tranquillity. Guaranteed to reduce unrest & rioting by possibly 5.24% in your colony!
A great bit of terrain for your scifi tabletop games. Makes for a wonderfully thematic way of adding water terrain to your sci fi themed city table.
The removable fountain column and holo bush planters, maximises set up options for your table. Ideal for varying your layout and mixing up available cover positions.
Fountain area base piece
Fountain water effect column
4 x Holo Bush planters
BattleKiwiHoloTree3 BattleKiwiHoloTree1 BattleKiwiHoloTree2
Holo Park for your Space Colonies 🌴🪐
Your citizens will almost believe they are back on the home planet in this ‘nature-like’ Holo Park.
Rest a while on the park benches and watch the holo trees digitally re-enact an authentic simulation of wind.
Guaranteed to reduce unrest & rioting by possibly 6.3% in your colony!
A great bit of modular scatter terrain and pop of colour for your scifi tabletop games. Can be used as separate pieces or combined for a larger area.
A wonderfully thematic way to add forest terrain to your sci fi themed city builds
4 x triangular park sections
4 x Park Benches
4 x Holo Trees – with bases
Plant some colour in your colony 🌴🌳
Give your citizens a splash of ‘nature-like’ life with these bright holo palm planters.
Guaranteed to reduce unrest & rioting by possibly 3.76%!
Includes 2 x planters – with 6 holo palms (3 for each planter).

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  • Die Aqua-Nexus Fountain liegt bei 36 NZD
    Der Holo-Park bei 33 NZD
    Die Tri-Planter bei 17,50 NZD für 2
    Holo Bäume einzel (pack of 4) 12 NZD

    Und sind schon im Shop gelisted

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