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Last Sword Miniatures: Arcane Synod

Diesen Monat wird es ganz zauberhaft bei Last Sword Miniatures mit einer Unmenge an Magiern.

LSM Arcane Synod 1

December: Arcane Synod

Greetings to all.

Here we are back one more month. But it’s not just any month, this month has been a real challenge. Many pieces and all of them very complicated.

LSM Arcane Synod 2 LSM Arcane Synod 3 LSM Arcane Synod 4

In the first place, we have the last finished piece. The Mighty Dragon.

In addition to being an extremely complex piece, with those delicate balances that we like so much, its rider, the Mage of The Order of the Silent Eternity, has been provided with variants on foot and on horseback. The works are by Stephan and Aliona

LSM Arcane Synod 5 LSM Arcane Synod 6 LSM Arcane Synod 7

The other major piece of the month is starred by the Order of the Sacred Splendor. The Arcane Artifact. This war machine has required a great exercise of imagination, as nothing on the market appealed to us. All alternatives were cumbersome and, in our opinion, ridiculously large compared to the horses that pull them.

Mario has made a great exercise of Simplification and has managed to maintain the spirit of the piece without giving up that realistic touch that characterizes us.

LSM Arcane Synod 8

Lucrecia is a familiar figure to the veterans. She was a miniature from the beginnings of this Patreon, which we have mounted. In the future, I would like to further develop her coven.

LSM Arcane Synod 9 LSM Arcane Synod 10 LSM Arcane Synod 11 LSM Arcane Synod 12 LSM Arcane Synod 13 LSM Arcane Synod 14 LSM Arcane Synod 15 LSM Arcane Synod 16 LSM Arcane Synod 17 LSM Arcane Synod 18

Finally, we have a wide collection of the other members of the synod. I want to highlight this part, because although they seem like easy pieces, the most difficult path was actually chosen. Here, the most efficient way to approach it would have been to sculpt 2 or 3 bodies and create a series of components that would give the wizards the symbols of their order. But that would have led to very generic miniatures.

Jason has been planned from zero, each miniatureto try to make it as unique as possible.

Additionally, we have brought back two old figures, which has allowed us to address the eight orders, and work on the familiars and apprentices without compromising the project.

LSM Arcane Synod 19

To conclude, we also have the Synod’s Seeker, based on the character of Cassandra from Dragon Age.

From the team, we hope you like it, and we are already starting to work on the next installment: Neverra.

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