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GW: Nachschub für Necromunda und Horus Heresy

Mit dem Tauros Venator rücken die Palanite Vollstrecker in die Tiefen der Aschewüsten vor, um den Willen des Imperialen Hauses durchzusetzen und mit dem Librarian Consul der Thousand Sons betritt ein mächtiger Psioniker die Schlachtfelder der fernen Zukunft.

Sunday Preview – More for Necromunda and the Horus Heresy

We’re fully into the festive season now, and as Christmas approaches, the flow of releases is set to slow over the coming weeks. There’s still awesome releases, we just need to look a little further into the future. There we’ll spy a sweet new ride for the Palanite Enforcers on Necromunda and a learned Consul for the Thousand Sons.

In a change to standard procedures, the first four products listed will go up for pre-order in two weeks on the 16th of December. It’ll be a three-week pre-order period too, to accommodate Christmas postage, so the in-store release date is on the 6th of January.


Necromunda: Apocrypha – Pre-order 16th December

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – More For Necromunda And The Horus Heresy 1

Enhance your Necromunda campaigns with a collection of out-of-print, updated, and brand-new rules and twists on regular proceedings for players and campaign arbitrators. This 128-page book contains guidelines for creating antagonists, creating campaign locales, details on resurrection packages, scenarios, uprising campaigns set in Hive Arcos and more. It’s coming in hardback and ePub formats.

Palanite Enforcer Tauros Venator – Pre-order 16th December

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – More For Necromunda And The Horus Heresy 2

Take your Palanite Enforcers beyond the walls of Hive Primus and onto the roads and plains of the ash wastes with the Tauros Venator. This rugged, high-speed vehicle can be equipped with a twin-linked heavy stubber or a twin-linked concussion cannon for dispensing the Enforcers’ unique brand of restorative justice.

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy

Thousand Sons Librarian Consul – Pre-order 16th December

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – More For Necromunda And The Horus Heresy 3

The Thousand Sons were exquisite psykers before the Edict of Nikea outlawed the use of powers across the Imperium, and not even the absolute decree of the Emperor could stop the Prosperans from dabbling in warp-touched sorcery. Armed with a powerful force weapon and their own prodigious psychic talents, the Thousand Sons Librarian Consul is a Forge World resin miniature with a choice of either a bare or helmed head.

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  • Hmmm 🤔🤔
    Gab es den Thousand Sons Librarian Consul nicht schon einmal?? Trotzdem interessant 😃
    So jetzt bin ich gespannt auf necromunda… kommt das super Car als Resin 🙄☹️. Oder als Plastik 😲😃 was ich ja dann sofort kaufen würde 🤔

    • Die heißt Belladonna und die gibt es nach wie vor bei GW im Webstore als Resinminiatur. Ich glaube nicht, dass sie eine neue Miniatur bekommt, nur weil sie jetzt ein Covergirl ist.

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