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Hail Caesar: Preorder für Collectors Edition des Regelwerks

Warlord Games haben die Preorder für die Collectors-Edition des Regelwerks für Hail Caesar online gestellt.

Es gibt unter anderem 200 Exemplare, die von Rick Priestley signiert werden.

Hail Caesar 2. Edition Preorder

Zum Buch gibt es eine Sonderfigur:

HailCaesarCollectorsEditionBild3 HailCaesarCollectorsEdition2

War has been a constant throughout the history of mankind. From the first civilisations of Babylon and Egypt to the classical eras of Greece and Rome, and beyond to the medieval wars between England and France, ancient civilisations have massed thousands of soldiers to march against their enemies to clash for dominance and conquest. On the battlefields of history, only the sinew of men and the cunning of generals will prove victorious.

With Hail Caesar, you can raise an army of ancient warriors and take them into battle against your friends, recreating some of the most famous and legendary battles ever fought.

Hail Caesar is a set of massed-battle wargame rules that allow you to recreate any number of battles from throughout ancient history, including all the rules necessary for open conflict and siege assaults. Written by renowned games designer, Rick Priestley the new rulebook updates the Hail Caesar game with amended rules and all new features such as rules for sieges and the extension of the timeline to include such conflicts as the Hundred Years War and the War of the Roses.

This is the Collector’s Edition of the 236-page hardback book with several additional features over the standard rulebook:

  • Gilt-edged pages
  • 2 bookmark ribbons
  • Endpapers with a full timeline of the huge period of warfare and history covered by the game

There will be only 200 copies of the Collector’s Edition available, and each will be hand signed by author Rick Priestley.

Anyone purchasing the new Hail Caesar rulebook for the Warlord Games webstore will also receive a remarkable Warlord resin model of King Richard I, the Lionheart as he wields a fearsome battle axe! The model is supplied with bar and helmets head options.

Quelle: Warlord Games


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