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GW: Wochenvorschau

Kommenden Samstag marschieren die Cities of Sigmar in den Kampf um die Reiche der Sterblichen mit viel Verstärkungen, außerdem kommen weitere Neuheiten für Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Sunday Preview – The Cities of Sigmar Muster

The Cities of Sigmar have taken up their gear and embarked upon the arduous path to reclaim the Mortal Realms from the forces of Chaos. The Dawnbringer Crusades are the latest stage in Sigmar’s grand plan to recapture these lost lands, and the Twin-Tailed Crusade from Hammerhal is the grandest of these lofty endeavours.

There’s a lot to get on with this week, so grab your Coin Malleus and check out everything you can pre-order next week.

Battletome: Cities of Sigmar

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 1

The question of how the regular people of the Mortal Realms live and wage war is answered with Battletome: Cities of Sigmar. This comprehensive battletome covers the history and background of the Cities of Sigmar, a detailed painting guide, a gallery of gorgeous miniatures, and all the rules you need to play them, including 50 warscrolls and Pitched Battle Profiles. Also included is a token board containing nine Order Rules Tokens and 32 Order Tokens.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 2

Ardent supporters of the Cities of Sigmar can purchase this battletome in a numbered limited edition version, which features a red ribbon marker, gold gilt page edges, and gold foil text.

Tahlia Vedra, Lioness of The Parch

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 3

A skilled mercenary whose keen strategic mind has seen her rise through the ranks of the Freeguilds – and revolutionise them in the process – Tahlia Vedra remains first and foremost a warrior of the people. Leading from the front lines, she rides her manticore Infernadine and inspires her fellow soldiers to fight with Aqshian ardour.

Pontifex Zenestra, Matriarch of The Great Wheel

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 4

While Tahlia encourages the troops through inspiration, Zenestra appeals to their faith in the God-King Sigmar. Uncompromising and unknowable, Zenestra is carried into battle on the back of a sacred palanquin, a curious skeletal double in tow, as her battlefield sermons whip allies into a frenzy.

Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 5

The Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal is a general who can galvanise even the most beleaguered soldier into action. Though they often accompany Freeguild Cavaliers on line-breaking charges, these Marshals carry the weight of the logistics of the Dawnbringer Crusades, hence all the gear.

Freeguild Marshal & Relic Envoy

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 6

Freeguild Marshals are not just master strategists, they’re also more than handy in a fight. These veterans prefer a ground-level view of combat, sending orders down the line of battle via their Relic Envoys. The Marshal themselves has a wide array of build options, including three different heads, options for a shield in either hand and a choice of weapons.

Freeguild Command Corps

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 7

Freeguild Marshals know how to delegate, and so call on their Command Corps, an eclectic bunch of characters each with their own specialisation. The group consists of a powerful Arch-Knight, a flag-waving Great Herald, an ever-watchful Whisperblade, a grim War Surgeon, a morbid Soul Shepherd, and their loyal Mascot Gargoylian, with a bevy of cosmetic customisation options.

Alchemite Warforger

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 8

The Cities of Sigmar aren’t equipped with soul-stealing scythes or armour that thrums with magical lightning – instead, they make do with humble gear forged in city smithies. However, the Alchemite Warforgers can imbue base metals with powerful Chamonic energy, turning regular swords and axes into blazing weapons, and magically reinforcing shields and breastplates.

Fusil-Major on Ogor Warhulk

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 9

The Cities of Sigmar make great use of the Castelite formation in battlem, and the mobile watchtowers of this living fortification are Fusil-Majors riding atop Ogor Warhulks. The Fusil-major snipes enemy targets and relays their manoeuvres, while the Ogor Warhulk hefts a towering shield and hefty club to defend their allies.

Freeguild Cavaliers

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 10

The Freeguild Cavaliers are not born to their station – they prove their worth as veterans of many battles. These mounted fighters carry fine gear that they have either earned through lengthy service, or carried from their ransacked ancestral homes. This kit features a myriad of options for you to create units of uniquely majestic knights.

Freeguild Fusiliers

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 11

Although the Mortal Realms are packed with horrors beyond imagination, there is little that cannot be felled by a concentrated volley of fire from the Freeguild Fusiliers. Should a target somehow survive to attempt a retaliatory charge, this defensive line will form up behind their heavy pavises, reload, and unleash hell once more.

Freeguild Steelhelms

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 12

Along with the Freeguild Fusiliers, the Freeguild Steelhelms make up the defensive walls of the Castelite formation. With discipline, determination, and unwavering faith in Sigmar, these humble men and women go toe to toe with hulking orruks, gibbering daemons, and undead fiends to secure their place in the Realms.

Ironweld Great Cannon

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 13

The gate of the Castelite formation is the Ironweld Great Cannon. Protected by a thick shield, this mighty artillery piece is manned by an expert crew who ensure it fires a constant barrage of cannonballs, shells, and grapeshot. Firing only ceases when the cannon wheels forward to allow Freeguild Steelhelms and Cavaliers to sally forth from within their living fortification.

Dawnbringers: Book III – The Long Hunt

The current major focus in Warhammer Age of Sigmar is the Twin-Tailed Crusade now marching across Aqshy and Ghyran. After a disastrous clash with grots, troggoths, and the Sons of Behemat, both prongs of the Crusade trudge on, bowed but not broken, in Dawnbringers: Book III The Long Hunt.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 14

Now powerful new allies join the Dawnbringers, as the Aqshian tail meets the Goretide, and the Ghyranite tail battles starving Ogor Gorgers. This supplement continues the epic narrative and includes rules for four new Armies of Renown and the second part of the Cities of Sigmar Path to Glory campaign with branching paths, boons, and setbacks.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 15

Celebrate the next leg of your glorious campaign with the limited edition of The Long Hunt, which features soft-fouch full cover art with gold foil lettering, a blue ribbon marker, and gilt page edges. This edition, displaying Ionus Cryptborn and his regal steed Cthorak in all their glory, is limited to just 300 individually numbered copies.

The Blacktalons

Neave Blacktalon is Sigmar’s foremost assassin, head of a specialist group of elite warriors. Neave, Hendrick the Silver Wolf, Rostus Oxenhammer, Shekinah Goldenblade, and the mysterious Idoneth Soulscryer Lorai, Child of the Abyss, are heroes who starred in the Warhammer TV show Blacktalon, now immortalised as five characterful miniatures.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 16

Rules for using these Stormcast special operatives as a Regiment of Renown are featured in Dawnbringers: Book III – The Long Hunt, just in time for Neave’s full-length Black Library novel.

Cryptborn’s Stormwing

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 17

Ionus Cryptborn has returned in a menacing new form as the Warden of Lost Souls. Mounted atop the mighty draconith Cthorak, this living legend soars through the skies, calling down scouring maelstroms with prayers to Sigmar. This box pairs Ionus with two Stormdrake Guards – one of which can be built as a Knight-Draconis – making it the perfect start to a Draconith Skywing, a new Stormcast Eternals Army of Renown which can be found in The Long Hunt.

The Blades of Belthanos

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 18

Perched atop his Carnelian Greatspite, Belthanos is a herald of the dormant Sylvaneth God of the Hunt. The First Thorn of Kurnoth strikes from the trees, and rides out in this boxed set containing Belthanos himself, alongside three Kurnoth Hunters with a variety of weapons, and three Revenant Seekers, which can also be built as Spiterider Lancers. They make a perfect core for the new Sylvaneth Army of Renown in The Long Hunt, the Evergreen Hunt.

Grimhold Exile

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 19

When magmaholds fall, lone survivors known as Grimhold Exiles carry on their legacy. Wielding weapons imbued with the embers of their magmahold’s sacred flame, they battle on as bloody-minded agents of retribution. Some hope to found new holds, while others simply pit themselves against the toughest foes they can find.

Harbinger of Decay

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – The Cities Of Sigmar Muster 20

Riding withered steeds, Harbingers of Decay are morbid soothsayers who herald the arrival of Nurgle’s decaying legions. Dour and humourless, they directly invoke Grandfather’s pestilent power, saturating battlefields with rot and disease. The worst of these maladies is the Shudderblight, which causes the doubts and insecurities of its victims to manifest as weeping black boils.

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    • Die alten Figuren sind auch mega-langweilig. Die stehen einfach nur da. Die neuen sind mega-dynamisch, die laufen und reiten auf und über Steine, rauf und runter, da freu ich mich drauf!

    • Stimme Dir da durchaus zu. Allerdings finde ich die zum Teil etwas überladen (die bewegen sich da auf einem schmalen Grad).

  • Der Harbinger of decay wäre schon ein tolles Malprojekt. Aber ich bin ziemlich sicher, was auch immer sie aufrufen wird den Rahmen dessen sprengen, was es mir wert wäre.

  • Die Cities sind wirklich schick geworden.

    Da könnte ich fast schwach werden. Mal sehen ob man die Minis für richtiges Warhammer verwursten kann.
    Old World interessiert ja hier bei uns einige und Imperium Bretonen wären schon was für mich.

    Und selbst wenn die hier nur Teile Spender für Kitbashs mit 3D Druckteilen und so werden, schicke Teilespender wären es.

    • Ich binb froh wenn old world endlich released und man sich ned dauernd den Unfug anhören muss.

      Was hat euch alle denn davon abgehalten whfb weiter zu spielen, auf the 9th age oder OPR auszuweichen und Figuren von drölftausend 3d printern oder Firmen zu benutzen?

      • Mich hält das nicht ab.
        Aber da hätte ich keine Mitspieler.

        Das ist so ein GWholm-Syndrom Ding das ich nicht verstehe

  • Kommt gleich alles von denneuen Cities of Sigmar auf einmal. Nun ja, wen es interessiert kann gleich mal in die vollen gehen.

    Bei den Sylvaneth ist es aber irgendwie blöd, dass nach der Lady of Vines auch hier der neue Held erst einmal nur in einer Box mit anderen Minis kommt – mit einem Stand Alone Release ein paar Monate später…

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