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Crooked Dice: Manta Ray 5

Crooked Dice zeigen auf Facebook ihre Neuheiten für Manta Ray 5.

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Up from the depths is the first feature pack for the 7TV Core Rulebook supported by over 20 new miniatures – and two resin vehicles! Now in store!
You can enjoy aquatic action and espionage in the best traditions of teatime adventure shows! You will play a cast of the brave protectors of the sea, M.A.N.T.A or the devious Nautican Empire led by the diabolical Emperor Poseidus. Each cast can play through three episodes fighting to protect the Earth’s oceans or dominate the surface!
Packaged in a retro VHS case the Feature Pack contains a three episode campaign with 27 new profile cards and 17 accessory cards. A 56 page episode guide details the game and goes behind the scenes to explore the making of this teatime adventure show that never was.

MANTA Ray 5 Feature Pack – 20,00GBP

MANTA Command – 10,00GBP

MANTA Marines – 10,00GBP

MANTA Guards – 10,00GBP

MANTA Barracudas – 15,00GBP

Emporer Poseidus & Coralina – 8,00GBP

Nautican Warriors – 15,00GBP

Great White Sharks – 8,00GBP

Piranha Craft – 30,00GBP

MANTA Ray 5 submarine – 20,00GBP

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