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GW: Wochenvorschau mit Necromunda und Auftragsfertigungen

Kommenden Samstag schickt uns Games Workshop in die Aschewüsten Necromundas, mit dem neuen Buch, Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Ruins of Jardlan, sowie begleitend einem neuen Bausatz für Haus Van Saar, außerdem kehren im Rahmen einer Auftragsfertigung ein paar klassische Miniaturen fürWarhammer 40.000 zurück.

Sunday Preview – Explore the Ruins of Jardlan

It’s been a little while since we’ve visited the gang wars that ripple through the hive cities and ash wastes of Necromunda, but matters have only worsened with time – the succession crisis that left Lord Helmawr mortally injured and trapped in stasis has become a planet-wracking civil war, and the gangs are all still going at it hammer and tongs.


Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Ruins of Jardlan

Things are not going well for the Imperial House. Haera Helmawr has claimed the throne, but her planet is in flames, and Lady Credo’s revolution is gathering momentum. Ozostium Aranthus has awoken… but to what end?

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Explore The Ruins Of Jardlan 1

The concluding volume of the Aranthian Succession is unmissable for every Necromunda fan; it has 45 pages of incredible background lore developing the setting-changing storyline, and introducing new characters such as Asun’ghar – also known as the Lady of Ash – Orrin Grimjarl, the Last Charter Lord of Jardlan, and his brother Urson Grimjarl, the Jardlan Nomad Hunter, as well as Silberlant Sevos, the Infotek.

Then there’s part three of the Succession campaign, entitled “the Fall of Helmawr”, which follows the forces of Ozostium and the Prophet of Redemption as they hound Lady Haera and her loyal Enforcers. Gangs battle for the control of key waypoints throughout the ash wastes to ambush the fleeing Helmawr, or aid her escape. On top of that there are additional rules for Van Saar, Enforcers, and Ironhead Squat Prospectors, including new vehicles for each.

This volume will be available in hardback and as an ePub.

Van Saar Ash Wastes Arachni-rig

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Explore The Ruins Of Jardlan 2

A wasteland variant of the Van Saar Arachni-rig, the Ash Wastes Arachni-rig combines high-speed brutality with an array of deadly weapons. It is fitted with jump boosters to effortlessly traverse Necromunda’s rad-soaked plains, and packs a myriad of weapons ranging from destructive plasma guns that melt through infantry or harpoon launchers to better snag loot in the ash wastes, meaning it’s prepared for any foe.

Van Saar Gang Tactics Card Pack and Van Saar Vehicle Gang Tactics Pack

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Explore The Ruins Of Jardlan 3

This pair of card packs allows you to command your House Van Saar gangers in the heat of battle. The Gang Tactics pack is a reprint of the second Van Saar Tactics Card Pack, and includes 26 cards with additional tactics and abilities, as well as blank cards you can use to record important statistics. The Vehicle Tactics pack features 26 new cards (including blank vehicle cards) and allows your gangs to utilise various vehicles for use in the underhive and ash wastes.

Underhive Graffiti Transfer Sheet

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Explore The Ruins Of Jardlan 4

Add some gritty realism to your Necromunda terrain collection with this sheet of 292 waterslide transfers, including hazard stripes, graffiti icons for each of the House gangs, Enforcer tags, as well as industrial signage, sector codes, ‘motivational’ slogans, arrows, hazard warnings, voltage symbols, and a host of other decals to personalise your collection.

Warhammer 40.000

Elsewhere in the 41st Millennium, we’ve got another tranche of Made to Order models – this time prominently featuring the Space Wolves and the forces of the Inquisition. As always, these are available for a limited period – between 10am local time on Saturday the 21st of October until 8am GMT on Monday the 30th of October. They can take up to 180 days to arrive. Here’s who’s coming:

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Explore The Ruins Of Jardlan 5 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Explore The Ruins Of Jardlan 6 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Explore The Ruins Of Jardlan 7

In order, that’s a Grey Hunter with Wolf Standard, Lukas the Trickster, and Rune Priest in Terminator Armour, all in resin. Then there’s the Grey Knights Brother-Captain Stern in resin, Deathwatch Captain Artemis in plastic, an Inquisitorial Warrior Acolyte in metal, and two pairs of resin Servitors – Servitors with Plasma Cannon, and Servitors with Multi-melta.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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  • Wenn ich die Servitors sehe, muss ich gleich an die Quake II Monster denken. In ähnlich „dynamischer“ Pose! 😀

      • Zumindest die Nahkampf-Servitoren sind ein Stück älter als Quake II. Diese Servitoren gab es mindestens schon 1992, Quake II kam hingegen 1997 raus.
        Die Fernkampfservitoren sind allerdings neuer, die dürften um die Jahrtausendwende erschienen sein.

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