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GW: Store Geburtstagsminiaturen 2023

Auch im Jahr 2023 gibt es wieder exklusive Miniaturen, die im Rahmen der Ladengeburtstagsfeier in den Warhammer-Läden zu erwerben sind, dieses Jahr mit zwei Zwergen.

Celebrate Store Anniversaries in 2023 With a Kâhl, an Admiral, an Anthology, and Warhammer Swag

very year we commemorate the anniversaries of each local Warhammer store with a round of celebratory swag – including two exclusive miniatures, one from the 41st Millennium and one from the Mortal Realms.

This year, both new models are decidedly stout, obdurate, and bearded. It’s time to meet Yôht Grendok, a proud Kâhl of the Leagues of Votann, and the Kharadron Overlords Admiral of the First Fleet, Torrk Lennsen.

Kâhl Yôht Grendok

The Leagues of Votann are the latest faction to stake a claim on the galaxy in Warhammer 40,000. They wage war to protect the ancient machine-constructs that govern their societies, strip-mining whole planets to fuel their ventures. Yôht Grendok is a young up-and-comer of a Kâhl, the war-leaders of the Leagues.

Games Workshop Celebrate Store Anniversaries In 2023 With A Kâhl, An Admiral, An Anthology, And Warhammer Swag 1

Yôht is armed with a unique, belt-fed Autoch-pattern combi-bolter and a forgewrought plasma sword. His gear is decorated with fine gems, and topped by an ornate rampart crest decorated with leonine imagery. He’ll be receiving Warhammer Legends rules, allowing you to use his particular loadout in open, narrative, or matched play – or you could field him as a standard Kâhl.

Torrk Lennsen, Admiral of The First Fleet

There are no better airship commanders in the Mortal Realms than the Kharadron Overlords, and Arkanaut Admirals are the best of the best. Amongst these high-flying privateers, Torrk Lennsen is one of the most storied – a hard-bitten veteran of skyborne skirmishes throughout the Age of Sigmar.

Games Workshop Celebrate Store Anniversaries In 2023 With A Kâhl, An Admiral, An Anthology, And Warhammer Swag 2

Torrk is equipped with a mighty skalfhammer and a holstered volley pistol, and comes with a choice of two build options. The helmetless option shows off the Admiral’s battle scars while carrying his helmet, while the other build keeps the helmet in place – instead, he carries an adorable model of an Arkanaut Ironclad. Now all he needs are some dice…

These miniatures will be available at Store Anniversary events from February 2023 onwards – you’ll have to speak to your store about ordering them when their special day rolls around.

Archmage and Other Stories 

Alongside the commemorative miniatures, you’ll also be able to get a hardback anthology that contains five short stories set in the worlds of Warhammer fiction.

Games Workshop Celebrate Store Anniversaries In 2023 With A Kâhl, An Admiral, An Anthology, And Warhammer Swag 3

Archmage and Other Stories is an exclusive collection for Store Anniversaries featuring stories from Evan Dicke, Chris Forrester, Sandy Mitchell, Richard Strachan, and Nate Crowley. Note that this product is only available in English.

Store Anniversary Extras

When grabbing your anniversary goodies, you’ll get free gifts for each £50 increment you spend, up to a total of £200.* These start with a pair of pin badges and progress to a dice bag, some fancy metal dice, and an accessories pack that consists of all sorts of helpful gaming gear. The rewards are cumulative, so you’ll get everything if you spend the maximum amount.

Games Workshop Celebrate Store Anniversaries In 2023 With A Kâhl, An Admiral, An Anthology, And Warhammer Swag 4

Check with your local store manager to find out when your store’s anniversary is. Our Store Finder below will show you the nearest store and their contact details.


* Or the local currency equivalent.

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  • Der Kharadron ist klasse… Aber die Bemalung macht es echt schwer zu erkennen, was da vor sich geht. Der kommt aber definitiv in meine Sammlung!

  • Ist es bei den GW Laden-Sonderminis also dieses mal das Jahr der Zwerge. (Auch wenn die Votann ja streng genommen Meta-Humanoide sind.) Der Votann ist OK, eine etwas andere Pose als der normale Karl, dafür aber weiterhin mit einem tactical rock.

    Den Kharadron finde ich dafür klasse. Der Gag, dass der optional eine Ironclad Mini mit sich herumschleppt, ist meiner Meinung nach echt gelungen. Und es dürfte auch die erste Luftzwerg-Mini ohne Helm sein.

    • Also zumindest der Drekki Flynt hatte auch eine Option ohne Helm… Zugegebenermaßen auch eine Sondermini…

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