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Crooked Dice: Neuheiten

Crooked Dice starten mit jeder Menge Neuheiten ins neue Jahr.


Crooked Jan23 02

Hospital Horrors – je 4,00 GBP

Try not to get admitted to Cronenberg Memorial Hospital after dark… who knows what horrors await in it’s wards and morgues…

Crooked Jan23 03

Demon Hunters – je 4,00 GBP | Set 10,00 GBP

Grim, determined and prepared to scour the earth in pursuit of their goal, these individuals have dedicated their lives, training their body and minds to eradicate witchcraft and devilry to pave a path to salvation… No matter the cost!

Crooked Jan23 04 Crooked Jan23 08

Djinn – 8,00 GBP

Bound by magic and summoned through an enchanting ritual, Djinn are supernatural spirits who wield incredible power for those controlling them. However, should that power be abused, the summoner will feel the full extent of a Djinn’s wrath.

Crooked Jan23 05

Paladin – 4,00 GBP

A paladin is a beacon of light in a world of corruption and depravity. Pledged to protect the weak and vulnerable, they have vowed to purge evil from the lands and forge a path for virtue and chivalry to sweep the realm. Though their faith may be tested, they will not falter in their service to the gods, crown and country.

Crooked Jan23 06

Demons – je 4,00 GBP | Set 15,00 GBP

These spawn of another, darker world are ancient and unspeakably evil. Dwelling in the deepest underground and the most desperate corners of troubled souls, they search for ways of entering the waking world to feed upon fools and sinners!

Crooked Jan23 07 Crooked Jan23 09

Goblin Gate – 10,00 GBP

From the Valley of Dread Feature Pack comes this scenic terrain piece – “The battle takes place with the party breaching the great hall of the Goblin King. At the southern end of the hall are the great oak doors where the adventurers enter unnoticed by the revelling goblins.”

Gate is 100mm high and 75mm wide. Two seperate braziers, all items cast in resin.

Quelle: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio


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  • Nett wie eigentlich immer bei CD, aber neu?
    Zumindest die Miniaturen bis zum Paladin sind definitiv nicht neu.

    • Das sind sehr schöne Minis. Ich habe sie alle seit Jahren. War mal ein Urban Fantasy KS einer mittlerweile geschlossenen Kleinstfirma.

      Schön, dass sie wieder zu haben sind!

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