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FW: Horus Heresy Neuheiten

Ein mächtiger Psioniker und ein kampfgestählter Veteranenschütze aus der Legion der Imperial Fists verstärken die Reihen der Streitkräfte in der Horus Heresy.

Forge World Librarian Consul 1 Forge World Librarian Consul 2 Forge World Librarian Consul 3 Forge World Librarian Consul 4

Librarian Consul – 35,00 Euro

Librarians fought for many years at the forefront of their Legions – cadres of battle-psykers who fused esoteric powers with a Space Marine’s superhuman physique and skill. Many were troubled by the potential danger such adepts represented, and so the latter years of the Great Crusade saw the Edicts of Nikaea ban the psychic arts from the Legiones Astartes entirely. In the desperate and fractured Age of Darkness, many Legion forces have returned to wielding psychic powers once more, heedless of Imperial law.

This multipart resin kit builds one Librarian Consul – a psyker sanctioned by his Legion to employ the power of the warp, whether Loyalist or Traitor. He wields a single-edged force axe, with a bolt pistol holstered at his waist. His MKVI armour features a high collar, distinctive trim, and subtle banding, as well as a flowing cloak swept over one shoulder. A pair of keys dangle from his belt – a symbol of the Librarius – while his power pack is topped with the icon of an Epistolary, proclaiming his experience and rank as a battle-psyker. The kit includes a choice of two different heads – a bare head with a technological diadem, and a beaked MKVI helmet.

This kit comprises 12 resin components and comes with a Citadel 32mm Round Base.

Forge World Imperial Fists Decurion Sagittar 1 Forge World Imperial Fists Decurion Sagittar 2 Forge World Imperial Fists Decurion Sagittar 3 Forge World Imperial Fists Decurion Sagittar 4

Imperial Fists: Decurion Sagittar – 35,00 Euro

Decurions are specialists within the Legiones Astartes, warriors distinguished by their skill at fighting aboard armoured vehicles. Among the Imperial Fists, Decurions particularly renowned for their marksmanship are known as Sagittars – these legendary tank gunners are masters at picking off the most vulnerable enemy assets, even as their mounts track and destroy more critical targets. Such is their efficacy that Sagittars are dreaded almost as much as the mighty vehicles they crew.

This multipart resin kit allows you to upgrade a variety of vehicles with a Decurion Sagittar – a specialist tank gunner for the Imperial Fists Legion. The Decurion Sagittar mans a powerful Iliastus-pattern assault cannon, which replaces any normal pintle-mounted weapon. He’s clad in power armour decorated by honorifics such as laurel wreaths and the icon of the Sword Brethren, and sports both a bionic arm and bionic eye. He can be built with either a helmet topped by a laurel wreath, or a bare head.

This upgrade kit contains seven resin components, designed to be assembled with the plastic Predator, Sicaran, or Kratos kits, which are sold separately.

Quelle: Forge World


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  • Ah,

    Sprich zu meiner Hand!
    Und beim zweiten:
    Das ist genau Dein/sein Ding!
    Es lebe der Terminator.

  • Also die Bemalung vom Psycher sticht auch zwischen anderen FW Bemalungen mal deutlich heraus.
    Auch toll dass sie bewusst keine allzu ablenkenden Effekte auf die Axt gemalt haben.

  • 35€ für einen halben Marine! Das ist selbst für diesen Hersteller ulkig.

    Die Puppe selber finde ich cool.

  • Beim recaster des vertrauens dann für 7 Taler – ich freu mich sher über die beiden minis!

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