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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Neuheiten

Modiphius haben weitere Sets für Fallout Wasteland Warfare vorgestellt.

Zum einen die Washington Personalities für 28,51€

WashingtonPersonalities (1) WashingtonPersonalities (3) WashingtonPersonalities (4) WashingtonPersonalities (5) WashingtonPersonalities (6)  WashingtonPersonalities (2)

The Capital Wasteland is littered with unusual characters, eccentric personalities that bring a little life to an otherwise harsh and uncaring place. During your travels across the blighted plains of D.C. you never know who you might meet, a well-meaning but short–sighted writer and inventor, a larger than life radio host or even the Sheriff, Mayor and whatever else is needed leader of Megaton, only time will tell. Stay safe out there.

Zum anderen die Capital Companions für 28,51€

CapitalCompanions (6)CapitalCompanions (3) CapitalCompanions (4)CapitalCompanions (2) CapitalCompanions (5)  CapitalCompanions (1)

It’s said that we are judged by the company we keep, and if that’s true, the Lone Wanderer is a difficult person to read. Fawkes, a soft-spoken and unerringly calm Super mutant. Charon, a ruthless Ghoul mercenary with an undying loyalty to whomever holds his contract, and Butch, a Vault Dweller turned wannabe gang leader taking his first steps into the wastes. An odd assortment of companions, but desperate times call for strange bedfellows, and these are certainly desperate times.

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