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Medbury Miniatures: Juli Patreon

Im Juli haben Medbury Miniatures wieder STL-Pakete für Patreons zusammengestellt.


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The July Release for Fantasy Is now Fully uploaded! And here is the Preview

This months Fantasy Release are a Eastern Dwarf Faction Named Gur-Adur (thankyou harnmaeron on Patreon) the Premise is Dwarves that do not solely Originate From Nordic/saxon influences, so i first looked at this idea a year ago with Ivaldi and brogir, and the Dwarven Cataphracts, the Idea was Dwarves who Just like the Vikings, might Have travelled from there Home down to a Empire analogous to the Byzantines, and taken up service as a Equivalent to the Varangian guard, These Dwarves are a Extension off that concept, but as there Own fully Fledged kingdom to be Fleshed out down the Line.These Dwarves Draw Cues from Babylonian and Assyrian Beards, Shields and Lamellar Cuirass as well as later eastern Cultures.

So the First Kit of note are the 4 2 Handed Weapons dwarves, normally the Models come in 1 Configuration, they have axes or hammers or whatever, this month i tried something new, these 4 Models each come in 3 varieties, pole arms, Axes, and Mattocks, so you can mix them in a Unit for Variety, or have Seperate Weapon Profiles.

The next 2 Kits are Dwarven 5 Spearmen and 3 Warriors with Swords, these all are designed to be Used with the tower Shields, of which there are 7, 6 with animal Designs and the 7th is Blank, they will rank up Nicely Into a Phalanx on Square Bases or work on rounds, The Spears are a Separate component, this is to make the printing Process easier as Spears on models are prone to breaking, this also future proofs your models cause if the spear does break on the model after painting, it will be easier to remove and replace, it also means the Spearman at rest Has the option of a Banner

The Last kit is 4 Dwarven Crossbowmen, these are all Single Piece Miniatures, with Swords in Sheaths, and Depending on your Game System, can use the Shields from the other Models as Pavises

In a coming month, potentially next month, or the one after, i will Continue on with Heros, and Updating the Cataphracts but For Now the troops will Standalone as a Unique Regiment in your army and if you do need a Model to Lead them Ivaldi and Brogir will be Perfect stand ins until dedicated captains and kings are sculpted!


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The July Historical Release is Ready for Previews!

This is the 4th Month Focusing on 5-7th century Scandinavia, this time Looking at some of the Character names Mentioned in the Sagas, as well as some Huscarls

So First just quickly, these Figures are all coming to the Physical Range, same as last Months cavalry, as well as the Future releases, they will all be coming by the end of the Year through Kickstarter Rather then the Slow Drip on the Website, we have been doing alot of Stuff behind the Scenes working on that but nothing Ready to Show right now,

Ok so onto the Figures! Firstly a Little Disclaimer, so the figures with Names or Titles be it like ‘huscarl’ or a specific Name, this is just 1 man’s interpretation, so if you see these figures and go, that’s not what i picture in my head, that is fine! Use them as or for anything else. There are Models for you to Paint and interpret, to Use in your games for whatever Role you want.

So starting with the 2 Sets of Huscarls, the first set are the ones at rest, these guys are more leaning towards Camp Scenes or inside a village Guarding a Hall, they have Splint Grieves and Vambraces, and thats whats tying these guys together visually, as well as the chain faces, this is a bit of artistic liberty to have them be a bit uniform, this is more so when your playing games, they won’t get mixed up with your regular troops, the Model holding his Helmet or with the 2 hands on the Axes would also be Perfect as a thane or character in your army, and to compliment these 3, are another 3 but this time in Attacking Poses, they Share the Same Splint Armour Vambraces so there Unit profile is recognizable on the table. I would like to do Spear and Shield Variants down the Line.

So before I move onto the characters, there is a Hornblower Peice, he is just a Simple Dude Practising his Music, nothing more to see here.

Next up! 5 Characters who Appear in the Beowulf Poem, so the Goal is to create most of the Named characters from the Poem and in some cases, the Variants as well. So this Month i focused on the Geats, with King Hygelac, Beowulf Post grendel, Pre King, Eofor and his Brother Wulf, as well as the Older Swedish King Ogentheow on foot,

So King Hygelac and Beowulf are in a Pack together this in my mind are intended to be Around the raid on Frisia, when Hygelac is Killed, Hygelac is wearing His necklace which is more or less hidden by the Shield but you can see it from some angles, Aswell as A beowulf Depicted More as a Standard Warrior then other depictions, as i mentioned this is post Grendel, Pre Becoming King, so he has the Arm Braces and Gilded Helmet with the Boar given to him after Killing Grendel. In another Month, i have a WIP dragon, and King Beowulf on the Way with His Iron Shield so dont worry a proper Beowulf is on the Way,

The next 3 Characters Eofor and Wulf, who are Potentially Brothers, these 2 are Notable for Killing the Swedish King Ongetheow, so, a few Points of note for these 3, Beowulf’s Company are Described as Having Cheek Guards on their Helmets, as well as Boar Motifs, eofor and Wulf are not named as Being his companions but also Being Geats of note, they Either May have been, or, would potentially be Similar Enough to also fill the same Description, as well as that, eofor’s name means Boar in old english, which brings up another neat piece off trivia, the King Ogentheow is Known by another Name Egil Vendelcrow, who have the same position in the line off kings, and he is described as being killed, by a Boar, so it Likely that both versions come from the Same Story that have just been twisted through Mistranslation, all 3 Characters have been Given a Unique Shield Depicting the Animal of their Namesake, in the same Style as the Animals on Recovered Contemporary Shields Found at Burial Sites

So! Whats next, well i need to start covering some off the Poorer troops, so that is a Priority, as well as to continue Fleshing out the named Characters, the 3 Huscarl’s at Rest were Originally to be Part of a Heorot Set of NPC’s, so that as well will come one day, as well as! The Dragon! And Grendel and his Mother, so, next month i think will be 3 characters maybe then skirmishers and such

This post is Long enough as is, so ill Leave this Here as it is! And be back tomorrow with the Dwarves!

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